…in a tropical winter.

Chlorophyll almost gone…

The Man thinks I’m daft (and he has a point) to hanker after turning leaves and, at the same time, muffle myself in multiple fleecy layers!

But I can’t help it. Born in a southern Springtime,  I  am hard-wired for four sharply-defined seasons.

through a screen of shrubbery

The Amazon lily (Eucharis grandiflora) always comes up trumps.

No snake dramas today, folks. Well, not so far!


Do you find  you sometimes have a silly- but- persistant little thought or idea rattling around in your head? No? Oh well, in that case you probably can’t answer my silly little question.

Can a wedgy be administered to someone wearing  thong underwear?

We need to know these things.

It’s Happy Hour chez Dinahmow… what’s your tipple?


  1. “Administering a wedgy” is such an incongruous juxtaposition that I think I’ll just pause there and savour it. (“Savouring the administration of a wedgy” is even better. 🙂 )


    • UB…but I’m down here in the largely-unexplored hemisphere. And those trees are,I believe, African and therefore confused so they drop leaves at any season.

      Yes, the thong is *like* a wedgy. But a wedgy proper cannot be self-administered.

      And guess what Australians, with their propensity for shortening words, call the wedge-tailed eagle?


    • Celia…an icy sherry it is! In my memory, Suffolk is always “summer” while Norfolk is cold, dreary winter as that’s when I first ventured there.:-)


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