...and, baby, they’re makin’ me sad…

And hourly repeats of the same news bulletins have me slamming my radio’s “off” button with far more force than a little piece of plastic needs.

Ah well…by Saturday evening the Fairy Folk of Canberra will know which colour seats their trousers will rest on and the rest of us can get on with earning a crust. To pay taxes. Of course.

And on the subject of earning, a recent report says, among other things, that arts bureaucrats and administrators earn more than artists. Get away! Really?

You can read it here

It used to be tough in the theatre, too. Ask Mrs. Worthington.

And a lollipop to those who noticed a slightly different appearance to Idle Thoughts.

14 thoughts on “I GOT THE [PRE-ELECTION] BLUES

  1. Dear, dear Noel…
    Is that a beach near you? It looks pretty fabulous!
    Election? Is there an election? Well, yes, I’m a self confessed current affairs junkie and I have the 24 hour news on TV for almost 24 hours! Goodness knows what it says about me, but I can’t get radio in my house (what century is this?) so I whack the TV on at full blast and can hear it in most rooms.
    I want it to be over now. Two more sleeps and I can express my feelings in the ballot box. I like Ampersand Duck’s pic of Tony Abbott with NOPE written under it. Wish I’d asked her for a t-shirt so I could wear it on Saturday.


  2. Carol…LOL! That’s Tawharanui, looking south. You were just out of shot when I took this!

    Grab some paint and do your own shirt. For Gawd’s sake don’t be like the ditsy verger from Dibley and put a “big cross next to the Tory ‘cos I absolutely don’t want him to win!”


  3. ahhhhhhh the bliss of NOT being a news junkie! indeed I feel so blissed-out right now, as I don’t have commercial TV I can ALMOST miss out on the election thingy altogether

    my political view has long been – no matter who you vote for you get a politician….. but this time around, well I’ve come up with a novel way to entertain myself election day (and send out my anarchistic message to the world… all will be revealed to the world early sat morning…. hint: it involves chalk, some newspaper animal cut-outs and wheat-paste….. got you thinking eh?…….)

    ronster (rhymes with ‘monster’)


  4. Ah. Very grateful for elucidation about your very smart new blog header. I’d imagined it showed one of your Wedgewood plates with the remains of the other night’s barbecue pushed to the rim.

    To dispel election blues, try Saki’s ‘The Lull’. No match for the master, though. Happy voting.


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