I posted this a couple of years ago and it’s worth another airing.

And yet…somehow, I don’t see the Canberra Hopefuls in this. In fact, I’m rather depressed that we have  a system so flawed that, instead of starting again from Square One, the  petty squabbles and childish phone calls on all sides can claim so much headline space. Oligarchy, anyone?

Something more calming to leave you with…

Now, back to that ink!

12 thoughts on “REPRISE?

  1. Great quote. I think you can remind us of that quite frequently. I’ve got News24 on in the background and the words ‘politics’ and ‘clowns’ are floating through my head, and obviously yours too. It gets worse by the day – Rambo-like phone calls, bullying, posturing – how pathetic!
    And then, there is your lovely photo of tropical plants, to calm the fevered mind, so thank you for that. More gardening, less politics and all may be right with the world.


  2. Yes thank-you for posting this quote. I missed it first time round, and your timing is absolutely perfect. I have an old school friend who is somewhere to the right of Genghis Kahn these days, and keeps sending me political diatribes that I really find quite offensive. I could just tell her to you-know-what(!!!) but I’d rather send something truly positive like this. Which is exactly what I am off to do!


  3. Amanda…I have an old friend who has also swung to the “other ” camp and seems to think I would like it there. My “delete” key is almost worn away!
    So go ahead and send the positive message. 🙂


  4. When I read along and between the lines here there’s a lot to be said be for living in France, as we do, without the right to vote except in local elections. No one can pin any blame on us…


  5. Christopher…yes, it’s something I would prefer here, but we simply do not have a broad enough population base. All the more reason to go with the “first-past-the-post.”
    And one of the newly-chosen was, until he won the seat, a member of our local Council! Do you have room for a lodger? 😉
    This nonsense aside…are you in France or Cornwall? Quaffing the good stuff wherever you are, I trust?


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