…because my scintillating, high-flying social life whirls me away from the humdrum.

Or maybe I’m busy re-inventing the wheel. No, that job’s done in Canberra!

Oh well, while I think of a really good excuse for being a pretty crap blogger and because everyone seemed to like last week’s musical offering….

Take it away, Dud! And Marian.

Sometimes…I do miss bits of my old life. Of course, I’m a tad too long of fang these ย days to live the way I did.

But hey! I’m a survivor. Mind you, I came close to not being one of those this morning. Intent on getting a macro shot of a really teeny tiny spider, I slipped on the wet bricks. I’m sure you’ll all be pleased to learn that the Fujica survived! But the mouldy bricks are now also bloody bricks, my bloody jeans are ripped ย and I’m minus a few bloody epidermal patches. Still, it feels bloody good to vent. ๐Ÿ™‚

Remember this?

One of my neighbour’s beautiful but-too-big-for-its-position trees. Absolutely gorgeous, but… at over 30′ high and at least half that wide, it had become a problem.


Cassia javanica

And now we have new neighbours in that house.

This morning, ย contractors arrived to “remove” several overgrown trees. The two C. javanicas among them. Sad, but necessary.

And here’s one of the spiders I was after…

A small St. Andrews.

Look here for more information (yes, better pictures, too!)

Now, time to get my fishne…er, ย  non-bloody jeans on and go shopping. sigh

18 thoughts on “FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY….

  1. Well, I’m glad you’re able to tell the tale after all that bloodiness! Are you really okay, or just being brave – and bloody minded? Love those little St Andrews and their crosses. Sad about the cassia but I can understand when it is/was so tall. Very pretty though, I suppose I don’t really need one here, do I? Nah, already surrounded by huge trees and half of those scare me every time the wind blows.


    • I’m OK. And bloody-minded! If the stains don’t wash out of the jeans I shall be even more so!
      Oh…don’t plant a javanica anywhere near the other gardens. But you might be a bit far south anyway, so not an issue. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. oh nasty slippery bricks! so sorry to hear you had a big fall

    hope your back together again (the spider – however attractive he may be, is not worth all the blood!)

    I’m not familiar with a cassia – is it native? a sub-tropics lover? its certainly pretty (what a pity it had to go….. I hate it when things out grow their spaces!)

    now – next time – throw down the camera to break your fall (just kidding! next time – don’t fall!)



    • ronnie..C. javanica is a tropical beauty.So you can certainly relax!
      One of the minor-but-annoying injuries is a ripped thumb (right hand), which might delay any sewing for a few days. Both elbows, I am happy to report, are still bendable. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Yeah…the hair may be grey, the laughter lines deeper, the waistline a dim memory, but at least the bones seem to be dense! (A same-age friend still looks like she did 50 years ago, but she has spinal osteoporosis and has to be super-careful.)


  3. Don’t tell people you slipped on mouldy bricks! Tell them the blood and ripped clothing is the result of a surprise attack by ninja assassins. Tell them that the ninjas were lucky to escape with their lives. Telling everyone that you slipped on wet bricks makes you sound downright uncoordinated.


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