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Oh, you’ve come here hoping for trashy pics of overweight women and well-endowed blokes? Sorry to disappoint you!

The title refers to what are known in artillery circles as “the big guns.” You can read about them here, here and here.

And, in my own case, we’ve brought in the “big guns” of germ warfare. The doctor looked at my ankle and said “hmm…” She rattled away at her computer keyboard, looking for an antibiotic that would not send me on what the hippies called a ” bad trip.” Been there, done that, not fun.

I’m on a course of Erythromycin tablets and Bactroban ointment. I also had a tetanus shot. (This is not to be confused with hard liquor.) And, when I venture forth, I’m to wear one of those rather fetching lace-y, lurex-y support stockings.* When at home, I’m supposed to rest, with the afflicted limb elevated. What? Watch daytime telly during school holidays? I think not!And the swimming pool is off-limits. :-(So’s alcohol. double 😦

So it’s just as well I have my music.

Remember, a couple of posts back, when I hinted that I’d next bring you a performer who used to sing with Benny Goodman? This is not the Goodman orchestra, but damn! it’s good.

Some of Ruth Wallis’ material was considered a little too close to the bone for mainstream recording studios back in those days. (1940s,50s and yes, even the 60s!) So she formed her own company!

OK…guess I’d better elevate my foot, if not my mind!

*Coming in at 20+ denier, they’re made for the Mile High Club, aka flight attendants and (grudgingly!) I suppose they are not too ugly. But if I’d to wear them long-term I’d top them with fish nets. 🙂

Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. Good music. Not good about your foot but at least you’re having treatment so I hope there’ll be rapid improvement. Keep us posted.


  2. It’s an increasingly losing battle, trying to establish the purpose or nature of a drug from its name. ‘Erythro’ generally indicates something red (Greek erithros = red) but I can’t make anything of Bactroban because Bactrian camels (I believe there are some in Oz) keep getting in the way. Maybe Bactroban is an anti-depressant, designed to get rid of the hump?

    Ruth Wallis? I’d never have guessed. I spent precious moments yesterday researching Alma Cogan, Rosemary Squires, etc.


    • With you on the drug names. I think the makers sample a few then make up silly names! A bit like some rock band, no? And the thought that I might be applying bits of camel to my foot did cross my mind! 🙂
      I hope you’re no longer on the sick list?


  3. Hope your ankle is soon on the mend (did I miss the bit where you explained how you got injured?) and that Geiger and Sporran are keeping you entertained.



  4. So sorry to hear about your not being well. Fortunately for you I am too far away to call in and offer to rub the affected parts.

    In general, I find that I dislike jazz and big band vocalists, as they distract from the instrument playing. In the case of your selection, Ms Wallis is to be applauded in her efforts to cover up the mediocre playing.


    • Vicus, thanks for your concern. Maybe just as well you’re beyond calling-in range as my music would upset you. Unless you could time your visit to coincide with Ravel, Kreisler or Brahms! 🙂


  5. Good luck with the antibiotics – I hate having to succumb to them, but when you need them, they can work wonders. Take care!


  6. Rest? Piffle.

    That said, please do heal quickly!


  7. There are three Ruth Wallis reissues available on CD. Typcast as too risque for the airwaves, Ms Wallis records were banned in Boston and confiscated in Australia. You can listen for free on CDBaby. I do have a vested interest, I’m her son. Thanks for appreciating her.


  8. Well yikes. Get well soon.


  9. HI – just popped in and saw that you’ve injured yourself! And that Geiger and Sporran are making sure that you hobble around at least twice a day. Well… that’s what my cats do. They’re like little alarm clocks. They start starring at me about an hour before feeding time and the howling starts about 1/2 hour before.


  10. zizzi…hello! Thanks for popping in. I hope all’s well over in your patch? “Stomach-powered alarm clocks.” That’s what they are! 🙂


  11. Ha, don’t bother about elevating your mind at this time, indulge, have fun, watch soap if it makes you happy.

    I’d soak myself in Enrique Iglesia’s music…which is what I’m doing anyway, sick in my head, that’s wot 🙂 and to think I have to teach in a few minutes!


  12. Oh, ouch. Many wishes for a speedy recover, and much great reading while you’re waiting ;).


  13. So sorry to hear…but I hope the big guns will help quick…and of course the music…and a good book or two. I will have to go back some posts to see what happened to you..


  14. What a wonderful discovery – but sorry to read of your bloody trip


  15. Sorry to hear about your accident and need to rest up. Hope you are sprinting again in no time.


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