A lot of catching-up to do, now that my foot allows me to stand for more than a few minutes. Still not swimmable (is so a word!), but much better.

The cats have posted such news as there is so pop over to their blog

I’ll be back soon…

Sooner, in fact, than I’d expected. But for those who don’t take “The Australian” …here’s Kudelka’s latest giggle. Except that it’s really not a funny topic, is it?

12 thoughts on “JUST PASSING THROUGH…

  1. Shoes! You shoeda seen the Manolo ones I saw on tv today, I also fell outta my chair, I must say, some were beautiful though I can’t walk in them.

    Soon, you’ll be hoppy, eh? arg, what’s wrong with me, talkin’ like this.


  2. Yep, Kudelka is so right on. What a silly situation – and such a serious subject. We do sound like idiots, don’t we? Our rulers, I mean, of course not Us.
    Hope the foot is swimmable very soon, you must be busting to get back in the water.


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