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Have I ever mentioned that I go a bit weak-kneed at the sight of a taut, proud  sail? Yes, I do. That, given the chance, I’m up the gangway in a flash for a close look at a sailor’s rigging. Oh, yes.

So when a dear friend of mine someone who wouldn’t take me with him  told me he will be shipping out aboard this. on October 25 I was sea-green with envy.

If any of my readers are interested in “proper” ships and will be hanging around Sydney Harbour on the day I’d love it if you’d swell the ranks of envious land-lubbers. And if you feel moved to yell rudely nautical encouragement – well, he’s broad-minded old salt.

And I may never speak to him again. 😦   (puts on sulky pout-face and kicks furniture.)




Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

16 thoughts on “AHOY! ALL SYDNEYSIDERS!

  1. (so your foot must be feeling a little better if you’re kicking the furniture!)

    what fun! those ships always look so grand



  2. Wow! What a beautiful ship. Bad luck you’re not going along. And don’t kick anything just yet, it’s a bit too soon. Remember you want to swim.


  3. Couldn’t you stowaway, like Mary Anne Bonney, or whoever it was?


    • Christopher…wow! you’ve linked me to TWO pirate ladies! Actually, I think those gals didn’t bother with stowing away…they swung aboard with flashing cutlass and blood-curdling oaths. Hmm…a second career,perhaps?


  4. I spent six years in the Coast Guard and have had quite enough of sailing, thank you. I’m cured. I don’t even like to take a brief ferry ride anymore.

    Thanks, tons, for the link to the book exhibit. Top notch stuff.


  5. As for me, I, too like a taut, proud sail. It’s the best part of a sailor’s rigging. I hope you got smacked for analysing it too closely.


  6. Boats make me seasick 😦


  7. nurse…that’s a shame, with all that lovely water practically on your doorstep.:-(


  8. I’ve been away too long and catching up. But I had to pipe in because my sister is on her 6th month of sailing the tall ship the Picton Castle, she’s somewhere in your seas, if she ports near you, stowaway on her ship, she’ll hide you!


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