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I am currently doing a massive revamp of files, clearing-out old stuff and trying to streamline  things. Yes, on the computer! And in my real world.

Perhaps it has something to do with The Big Number which is about to crash down on me in a couple of days? Perhaps not. It could simply be that I’m tired of stepping (tripping!) over so much junk.

So, while I don my cute 1950s housewife uniform…

Here is what,I believe, the youngsters call eye candy…

Woah! Back up, ladies! I think there’s quite a queue! But while you wait, longingly, for the Bad Mad Man, here are some more delights from the walls chez Dinahmow.

A very talented artist in Tuscany and delightful cyber-friend, Robyn, recently sent me a beautiful water-colour as a gift. I was speechless when I opened the package. I’m not often lost for words!

Rice Paddy watercolour.

When I had it framed I also took along some other pieces which need “proper” homes.

The two prints I’d bought from Robyn last year had been in  unsuitable frames (unsuitable, but protective) and the framer was offering a discount. I now have these…

A linoprint of a Kent pumpkin.


Tuscan Tower   a hand-coloured print.

Remember a while back, when I posted the linoprint I won in Sherrie York’s anniversary giveaway? Well I had also won a “Door Prize” of a miniature swallowtail butterfly linoprint. And it came with a card, printed from another of Sherrie’s amazing reduction cuts.

Well, the framer matted and framed these, too!




I apologise for the poor quality of these pictures. Yes, I have the same, lame excuse…difficult to photograph in my open-plan house. But please believe me when I say they are stunning! And the colours are much brighter than in the photos. Robyn, the mat exactly matches that deep burnt-orange of the ink in the pumpkin; it’s just the light that makes the mat appear pinkish!

And thankyou, Robyn and Sherrie, for your your generous and beautiful pieces. I am a lucky girl.

And I’m about to be a rather damp girl…it’s been raining for hours and shows no sign of letting up. I have to go  to Town! I’m thinking gumboots might be the go today! 😉


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

18 thoughts on “ANOTHER GALLERY TOUR

  1. all rain (or dare I say it – arty gifts) gratefully accepted here at the creek!

    and what’s this about about a Big Number fast approaching? let me guess – is it 21?


  2. ronnie…21 ?!!!!!!!! I love you! Sending rain immediately!
    Actually, it’s the Free Bus Pass number. Or free hearing tests! Yes, really!;-)


  3. Ooo! Really?! You’re a Big One this year, too, eh? When do you start getting government cheques in Oz? I hope it’s not at the extremely geriatric age of *gasp* 62 like they’re trying to push through in France. (Yes, I’m kidding. Canada’s 65 without a whimper.) In any case, the prezzies are awesome. I wonder if they’ll be my friends, too. 🙂 (Oh yeah — you actually have to make an effort and I’m very, very bad at that right now.) Early Happy.


    • andrea…65 is the current retirement age, but they encourage people to keep working. Well, they need the taxes to pay the pensions! Except in my case as The Man is deemed to be in a High Income Bracket so no pension for moi! 😦
      And, yes, I do indeed have some lovely artwork on my walls. 🙂


  4. Rice paddies make me think of Vietnam…..


  5. Just in case I have a mental lapse, Happy Birthday in advance. Your pictures are great and look so good in their frames, your walls must look wonderful. Don’t get washed away…


  6. Blushing with delight here, Di. I’ll be raising a glass of Tuscany’s best to toast your big day. 🙂


  7. YIKES! These pieces are fantastic! The rice paddy watercolor is the star but I’d hang any one of these up in my home. Do you know how hard it is to work with watercolor? Oils can be worked and reworked but once watercolor touches paper, that’s it. Very, very nice work, indeed.


  8. I really like Underfoot


    but then again, I like them all



  9. Lovely collection of artwork, and I like knowing our walls are sharing pretties from the same artist! Everything looks splendid framed and I can just imagine what treat it is to peruse them up close, in person. Hats off to your good taste, in online friends and art. 🙂


  10. I was able to tear myself away from the picture my new celebrity boy crush, Jon Hamm to look at the lovely art you have. Good score! Since I’m going backward through all the posts I’ve missed, I’m sure your birthday has come and gone, hope it was wonderful. Happy 21st birthday Dinah! you can now order a Tom Collins in New York, enjoy!


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