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Well it’s not that I have a lot to say (Shut.Up. All who know me!) But I can’t just keep posting bird-y updates on a previous entry, can I?  Can I?

The sunbirds…oh! dear! I came home from Friday’s lovely lunch (with a group of friends, to celebrate my millstone milestone), to find the wretched nest on the deck again.

This time, things were not so hopeful. The sole egg was broken and the nest had been ripped. Sad. But…nature, red in tooth and claw. Other species have babies to feed, too.

But I retrieved the body of the nest and re-attached it, this time much higher (bird, are you taking note! I, not a lover of high  places, climbed onto a table), affixing it to  one of the anchor points of the shade sales. There was/is a possibility the birds may  do a little Martha Stewart renovating. So far, they have not. But they are not afflicted with the human “grief syndrome” so they will either re-vamp this one or build a new nest and start again. It’s all about sex, people. And that is all about survival of the species. Give up…and your niche will be taken.

Rewind…back to the first episode of this drama. I did take some photos, but they were rubbish. Yes, the photographer probably also falls into that category! But, at the time, my main concern was for the birds, so I took the photos from INSIDE. No, I do not have any to show you. Do you really think I want the world to see the disgusting state of my kitchen windows/screens?

Seriously…by the time I’d “fixed” the problem the wind had whipped up and the nest was twirling around like some demented cheerleader’s baton. And the screens are filthy. So the resulting pics were, in a word, crap.*

But the birds are still twittering about out there. If you have a Twitter account you may hear from them…

Spent 2 hours this morning hacking into the jungle that once was wisteria. I’d tell you more, but I have a terrible headache from the resulting  DAYLIGHT that now streams through the open space.

Here are a couple of garden shots as compensation. The last of the jasmines (Trachelospermum jasminoides) is all but finished, but I did catch a shot or several…

Jasminum nitidum

Jasminum sambac

Trachelospermum jasminoides

Last of the Mohicans.  Jasminum Mohicanii? Oh! Never mind…I’m just being silly!

But I was glad of its fragrance as I chopped up the  bits of pruned Weed Tree, which stinks!

(Mostly beetle, moth, gecko crap.)

Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

20 thoughts on “MORE SUNBIRD NEWS

  1. Your star jasmine is just about finished? Ours is in full flower down here and looking and smelling wonderful


    • Yes, I think we are earlier.10 minutes from my house is a hedge, on a corner block, and it’s now about 2m high, except for one stretch, trimmed to 1m(so they can see to reverse out, I guess) and it’s a thick mass of white stars. Just gorgeous!


  2. Ours in full flower too, down south. So much in flower, it’s a great time in the garden. Sad for the Sunbirds but as you say, they’ll just get on with it. Maybe they’ll choose a safer place to nest.


    • I sometimes have a few sporadic “late” flowers, but up here it’s generally over by early November. I’m thinking of planting one on the now-cleared pergola.
      Glutton for punishment 🙂


  3. oh!


    poor sunbirds, never mnid – better luck next time maybe?

    very pretty flowers




  4. But this is very sad. I’m surprised that no member of the vast blog handicraft community has suggested knitting/crochetting/tatting/patchworking a new, more secure nest.


  5. Lovely star jasmine. What amazes me is that my nasturtiums are still blooming despite the fact that we’ve already had our first frost. I was planning on taking them out to plant pansies, but they’ve had a reprieve until they stop sending out blooms.

    Oh, and the bird pictures. I have about 12 birder blogs in my RSS feed so I would be happy to see more birdy pictures.


  6. Just stopping by to say hi…I love jasmine, unfortunately our summer is long gone and we are looking at the tunnel that is winter. But there is loads of jsmine in India 😉


  7. Bird-watching is the coolest thing to do. They are so funny, some of them.

    A friend showed me a hummingbird’s nest with 2 babies in it, it looked like a round balcony, and the 2 babies were looking out on to the new world.


    • G-G…our sunbirds are very like your hummingbirds and yes, the nests are just like that. I have a pic somewhere (I think!) of mother in the nest. If I find it I’ll put it up.


  8. Soooo jealous, I keep planting jasmines that don’t seem to smell much – but I reckon it’s down to our bloody weather


    • Try J. polyanthum. That’s such a runaway invader in warmer climates and I managed it in a pot on a London roof. (Admittedly, it was not what you’d call spectacular, but it didn’t die!) 🙂


  9. OMG!! I lived in NYC for more than 10 years and they were fantastic. I miss it so much. My ex-boyfriend lived in Cobble Hill so I know that area well. You’re going to love it.

    I try to get back there once a year — I visit friends, go to Zabars, shop at Lohmans & Filenes… eat fantastic food. Ahhhh.


    • zizzi…you’re in such a New York state of mind you’ve commented on this post! I quite understand; I keep saying things like “jeepers!” and singing “New York, New York.”


  10. You are so funny!!! Even when writing about a sad thing, you are so good at reminding us of the facts of life and nature. But good for you for trying to save the nest.


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