…shortly after Christmas and will be back on the leash here in February.

Yes, that is a nice long ย break. I thought I might just surprise you with a cyber postcard, but some of my readers are also Marie’s readers so they will, by now, know what’s afoot.

So, as you might imagine, there is much to be done. Like printing. Making a start on making books. Stocking the pantry. Paying bills. Streamlining the housework (who laughed? stand up, that person!) Oh yes, learning and remembering which button does what on the new camera.

I managed a rather good macro of this Aeschynanthus on a breezy day. And it is a cute little box o’ tricks. But I’ve been accustomed to a viewfinder for so long I’m slow to adjust! Don’t worry, the Fuji is still alive and well, but the Canon, like a pet mouse, slips easily into a pocket. (A buttoned-or-zippered pocket, for safety!)

Hmm…I’ve been calling this Tapeinochilos a “torch ginger.” But when I went to check the spelling I found all manner of conflicting descriptions. More sleuthing required!

Ooh…the rain has stopped! I’m off to the purveyor of pussy fare. I need paper, too, but this is not the weather for paper-shopping. And yesterday I was sunburned…


32 thoughts on “I WILL BE TAKING A BREAK…

  1. I just saw Marie’s post, so obviously the cat is out of the bag, so to speak. And going via Seoul? Are you planning a stopover or is that how you get to NYC from Australia (I was thinking the other direction with a layover in Los Angeles).

    I would have been amazed at being sunburnt in November, but, gack, it’s in the 70’s here in North Carolina. Fall, what fall?


  2. Oh New York! I dream of it! How fantastic! I’m very good with manuals, maybe I could come along and help with the new camera?? If I lose some weight between now and then?? Have a WONDERFUL time!


  3. To New York! To look after the Don! Yep, ‘wowsa’ is the perfect exclamation. Don’t worry too much about homework, just soak up New York and then tell us all about it. Woop-de-do!


  4. Happy trails to you. I’d never take a break from blogging for that long. I’m so insecure that I assume everyone would drop me from their Google Reader like a hot potato. Hope New York lives up to your expectations. Have you been before or is this your first visit. You might never go back home. That’s what happened to me.


  5. Streamline the housework? Hahahahahahaha yes, it’s me laughing…not laughing at you but at the idea that one can streamline housework.

    New York? Oh lucky lucky you, I’ve never been and would love to visit after hearing so much about it.

    I hope you find many wonderful things to blog about from NY.


  6. My father had a box brownie and developed his own pictures. I still have a lot of them. I did limited photography over the years until I found digital cameras. And I agree. I snap off a hundred shots to find the sunset I want. Lazy!

    But I still treasure words and I found some great ones over on Marie’s site;
    “friends remain priceless and wine must be drunk.”

    The internet has given me an early Christmas present.


  7. Dear Di I really do wish you a safe journey to and from Aussie to N.Y.
    You will be missed via e-mail and in person and certainly in the pool.
    I know you have been so excited sine the decision to accept the offer so I hope it turns out to be every dream you have dreamt.
    Enjoy yourself,meeting new friends and pussy cats of course, take care on the stairs and return refreshed full of ideas.
    Regards Ali.


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