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If the rain stops NOW and if the sun shines…maybe the poor, bedraggled vines can be trimmed and encouraged to try again.

Or maybe I should just consign them to the compost bin!

This will be a short post…the pong from the neighbour’s stinkhorns is somewhat overbearing. No, really!

They just love bark chips mulch!

Yes, I’ve changed my header again! Why? Because I can! This time I’ve chosen the berries of a Dianella. I think it’s D. caerulea.There are several!

Feel free to correct me if you know otherwise. These are at the local Botanic Garden so I can probably find out for sure when I go Β to our “meet-the-artists” day during our exhibition.

Very fuzzy, but this is my piece, “Dig!”


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

29 thoughts on “MY TOMATOES ARE CACTUS

  1. Nice header. The Dianella berries look just like mine but I don’t think I have a label for them, though D. caerulea sounds right. The rain probably would have destroyed the label by now anyway. Oh, the rain! The weeds! The mud! The snakes and spiders! However, at this moment the sun is shining and the cicadas are shrilling which makes it all worthwhile. I think our tomatoes are still upstanding and the garden is still popping out flowers to gladden my heart. No stinkhorns here – I did consider them but decided against so maybe that was a good choice, yes?


    • Dear God! You were *considering* stinkhorns! Whatever for! Actually, if you mulch with shredded bark you’ll probably get the damn’ things anyway. Here’s a tip: do NOT attempt a macro photo. Use the longest lens you have. Maybe add a respirator. πŸ˜‰


  2. And my garden is brown and gray and dead. But that’s winter for you here in North Carolina while you all enjoy the start of summer.

    Hmm, Wikipedia says stinkhorns are world-wide, but I’m not familiar with them. Maybe I should go back to the woods lakeside and hunt for mushrooms again.


    • Karen, you’ll smell them before you see them! Mind you, the colour combo’s rather attractive! I sometimes see the related variety that looks like a cock’s comb;first time I saw one I thought something had decapitated my rooster !


  3. I had to google stinkhorn. I still can’t believe it πŸ™‚


  4. I like the print. Will we likely see a better picture? How did you add the color? Is it colored in later or is it a true color print?


    • Hilke…thankyou. Yes, I hope to have a less fuzzy shot soon. I did print two-colour, but had to touch up the red post-printing. I was over-cautious with my red ink, to avoid a smudge!


  5. beautiful header – love the greens, violets and sonte colours. . .

    fingers crossed for the rain stopping – London’s just had a few inches of snow: finally! the rest of the country is feet deep!!




  6. Your poor tomatoes. My tomatoes are standing strong although the kangaroos ate my silverbeet. It’s been a long time since I’ve attempted to grow vegies. Until this year I haven’t been at home to water and it’s been so dry the plants needed watering. This year there is definitely no shortage of rain!


  7. Rosalie…oh lor’! We are singing the song of Australia! I think I’ll ditch the tomatoes as The Man will have more than enough to do when I’m away! πŸ™‚


  8. I reckon its time to grab a new tomato and consign the bedraggled ones to compost!

    ps – all your rain has moved south – we had flood level rains overnight here at the creek (about 5-6inches overnight – and it has been raining for days beforehand so its already mighty squishy underfoot) our tomatoes are coping however (so I’ll share a few slices should your crop fail altogether….mind you getting them to you might be a BIT tricky….)

    pssssss – nice new (blue) header!


  9. I like ‘Dig’ but I wonder why half the frame is missing. Or is it a cold frame?


  10. Your print, as in you did it?! That’s fantastic! Nice work, indeed. I love prints.

    The title of this post is very, very James Joyce.


  11. Love those stinkhorn, despite the smell. Just so odd looking.
    Also LOVE the print!


  12. yes, very nice print. shame about the tomatoes


  13. Shoot, honey, we got two entire tomatoes this year, five minutes before winter. The BLTs were tremendous, best I’ve ever had, the way oranges used to be when kids only got one all year in their Christmas stockings. Thanks for dropping by my little home. And yes, there are two in the pipeline every week, over 200 of them so far.


  14. I do dig your print, and your friend’s linocuts, and your sense of humour but who the heck buys those shaving thingies?


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