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Anyone else out there who’s fed up with junk mail? We all get it, don’t we? Advertisements for stuff we don’t want, can’t afford and don’t have time for.

Around here, we seem to have three days when the mail boxes are stuffed to the gun’ls. And, usually, I bin these ads for pizza, A-mart sales, K-Mart sales, Target sales, Woolworths specials, liquor store specials, and whateverelse, ad nauseum. Don’t even bother to bring them indoors.

But the other day the junk trash was muddled up with the genuine mail so I put them all on the table. And went off and did something constructive.

The Man sorted the mail that day. “Um…what is this?” he asked , handing me a leaflet and looking a bit puzzled.

Well, wouldn’t you be puzzled?


C’mon, guys! I have two words for you: whisker burns.


In between trying (with limited success, it must be said) to tidy the most overgrown and ratty bits of what we laughingly call a garden…I have found time to scoot around and look at a couple of exhibitions.

First, one at the Botanic Gardens. All prints, this one, and very well displayed. Here’s a slightly less fuzzy picture of mine.


And “Precious Life.” A lino cut by my friend.

Another lino cut by another friend.

Lunch on the deck, overlooking the lagoon, to celebrate a birthday. And then some of us decided to drive up the Valley for a sneak peek at another show.

No point taking 4 cars so we went in mine, after I’d put the seats up and brushed the palm trash off!

Prints, paintings, hand made books, woven items, decorative and practical and some nifty fascinators made by a 12 year old lad. Yes, really.

So, drinks and nibbles, a harpist, lovely art and lots of laughter.

Not a bad way to pass a rainy Sunday.



Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

31 thoughts on “THE OPTICAL …HOW MUCH?

  1. Tis a funny thing but I am reliably informed that boys now shave their pubes to make their manhood look longer, who’d a thunk it eh?


  2. I thought for second that the first sentence of the second section of this post was related to the ad :-O silly me!

    The things you find out by reading blogs!



  3. Oh that is too bizarre but I guess you do live in the tropics, where things grow wild!!
    Love your photos of the shows-thanks for posting them.


  4. it’s the prickly regrowth that would be me off such a man – I’d have him wax. . .


    lovely prints! and what a fun day with your friends – glas the rain stopped for a mo and you enjoyed your summer!!




  5. That’s a nice exhibit. Thanks for posting.

    And that ad? It’s the further feminization of men. Women wanted men to be softer and well, you got ’em.


  6. Unbearable Banishment has it right.
    And the “optical” enhancement? Myth.

    Adore you for the whisker burns comment!


  7. That’s a wonderful way to spend a rainy Sunday.

    Oooops, so it wasn’t Magic Cochin alone who’d thought…


  8. Oh, I almost forgot…another blogger sends back the junk mail to the business places…those that have pre-paid postage 🙂


  9. Oh, hysterical! There’s one piece of junk mail I haven’t seen yet, lol.


  10. The optical inch? Is that the sequel to Hedwig and the Angry Inch?


  11. You lost me with both the visuals and the words “lunch on the deck overlooking the lagoon”. Cow.


  12. Bonsai!?!? Good Lord…..


  13. oh. my. goodness.




  14. I came over here from M. Heart’s blog. Love the prints. Are they wood blocks or lino? Very nice! You cracked me up with “white tennis balls”. I forgot that is what we used to have…an only that! Why Word Press instead of Blogger? Just wondering.


    • Teri – welcome. The prints are lino (there are a couple of woodblocks on another wall) White tennis balls. Yes, it was a long time ago.Come to think of it, we wore white dresses, too! 🙂
      And I moved to WordPress when Blogger was having problems with the Beta roll-out. Or something.


  15. It’s like when men shave their beards off…. their chins always look bigger…


  16. Somehow I missed this little gem, great post and some wonderful comments. All I can think of is the prickly regrowth. Ouch. So glad I’m as old as I am…


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