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with an alert for ophidiophobics

Actually, if we’re going to be all pedantic, it was the night before last.

The Man happened to glance up from his fish and said: “Is that a possum tail hanging down at the window?”

I, being closer to the window, said:”I don’t think so, but I’ll go and check.”

Out on the deck I could see exactly what it was and called for a camera…

Well, from the dining table it looked like a possum dangly bit!

But it was a  brown tree snake feasting on a gecko.

OK…all you ophidiophobes can come back now!

Harvested from my potted treasures…

…garlic,basil,parsley,rosemary,mint and nasturtiums.

I’m glad a took a picture cos this rain may put paid to the poor things!

At this time of year I  like to rummage around in the virtual bargain bin and find gifts to suit my readers.

But, as you know, I’m a tad preoccupied this year. So I’m letting you do you own shopping.

Please help yourselves to a card.

Happy shopping! And thanks for all the comments,guys.

My next post will be from  the U S of A  .Wheee!

However you spend the  next few days I hope they will be happy days. And if you live  somewhere that has Funnel Webs or scorpions or slithery things, or cheeky kids, take care when you delve into your stocking!  🙂


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

33 thoughts on “LAST NIGHT’S DINNER

  1. Yikes! At least it was outside!
    Thanks for your kind wishes. Have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic time in the US.


  2. snnnnnakes…..why does it always have to be snnnnnakes!

    have a great trip to the U*S*of A….. I’m looking forward to your reports from abroad!

    merry christmas xxxxx


    • Ronnie,dear…why do you think I put the warning in red at the head of the post? It’s a measure of my regard for those of my friends who don’t see the world as I do. (Of course,I am living in a pretty creepy part of the world! 😉 )


  3. Happy Christmas and have a safe trip!

    Looking forward to your State-side posts. You have got your thermals packed haven’t you?



    • Thankyou, Celia. Damart? Er…no. But I have bought some leather gloves. Dents gloves, to boot! (This will mean nothing to non-UK readers.) The rest I’ll get when I am in NY.
      Have a wonderful Christmas and special wishes to Cliff. It’s the memories that make it wonderful, right?


    I didn’t know what ophidiophobic meant… but I think I might be one.
    Merry Christmas and safe travelling.


  5. At least I’m not snake-phobic. It came in handy when I had to get a black racer snake off the steps of the place I used to work at (while even the guys were backing away. Wimps).

    And no delays through Seoul for you! Will we see a guest post from Estorbo here?


    • I know quite a few men who turn pale and frail when faced with a snake. I’m OK with the “easy” ones, but would certainly not tangle with a Taipan or Eastern Brown. Respec’, man.
      I am sure Estorbo will have something to say.Might need editing of course! 😉


  6. That’s some real “Circle of Life” stuff you laid on us. And I’m in the middle of breakfast!

    Bon voyage. Don’t let the airport delays get you down. Just flow with it.


  7. Loved those pics – wow!


  8. “Hello Mr Gecko, I am a magical snake and I have the power to turn you into a specific bird”
    “Oh really? Which specific bird would that be, Mr Snake?”
    “A swallow”


  9. Wow…and the presence of mind to grab the camera! Holy… glad it was outside!

    Have a wonderful Christmas, a smooth, hassle-free flight and, most especially, a great time in NY.


  10. Hi Dinah – great story, and well. . . to be honest, I have a soft spot for snakes. It must have something to do with an African childhood. Today’s blog meanderings have led to quite a few snakes, too. Check out Melissa Green’s poem on Janis Freeman’s blog –

    HAPPY CHRISTMAS and safe, fun travels to the US!


  11. Hope your xmas was merry and memorable dinah… looking forward to your NYC posts


  12. It’s boxing day and you’ll be up and away. I hope the trip is comfy and easy, and that you and Estorbo have a magnificent time together. Happy New Year!


  13. The snow has arrived as per request. Maybe 15 inches by morning!!!!


  14. All snakes should be beaten with a club until they look like charred bits of wood [like in the BC comics].


  15. Oh, c’mon! You don’t really mean that! And, anyway, if you’re going to wallop them you need to get close. Dangerously close!


  16. Happy New Year Dear Friend. I can’t wait for the US Adventure!


  17. Nah, that’s why I said, like in the BC comics. I forgot to add a 🙂


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