(That’s the Very Polite version of the “interesting” flight from Korea to New York.)

Just in case any of you didn’t know…on the day I was due to fly in, the worst blizzard in years hit this city.

But it’s difficult to keep this tough old bird down and I did make it to the Big Apple, on one of the last three planes to land before the entire airport shut down.

Of course,  the drama really began in Australia – with a cyclone! Luckily for me, it was ‘way up north so we had no damage in Mackay.  But the intense low pressure system that it became added more water to already flooded areas. Many towns have been evacuated, many homes lost and many people ruined. May all those people have a truly Good New Year.

So, I arrived in rainy Brisbane, queued for a cab and…got driver who took a wrong turn.Twice!

Back to the airport with the Flatulent Sparrows and on to Korea where I had a short wait for my NY connection.

some Korean snow, just to get me in the mood.No Glenn Miller

Checked-in, boarded and seat-belted…we got an announcement from our captain… due to heavy snow at JFK airport, we would not be able to take off on time.

Well, we had a few repeats of this announcement…then we were told we’d have to refuel ( we’d been guzzling our av-gas just keeping our plane warm and lighted.)

Next announcement…snow had been mostly cleared from JFK and we would be leaving once we’d been de-iced. So, off we trundled to the de-icing field where a huge machine with a kind of cherry-picker attachment squirted steamy stuff all over our ‘plane.

Then an announcement that we were waiting for the final all-clear from JFK.

By this time I was seriously worried that the rumbling from my stomach might be mistaken for a mechanical failure. Bloody hell! I was hungry!

But the engines roared and off we went.

The next bit is boring.

My first sight of New York as the ‘plane circled was pure magic! Golden and white for miles. As we dropped lower I could make out a few coloured lights here and there, then identify freeways and streets. B ut almost no moving lights!

Oh-oh …We circled low and wide over Brooklyn and I could see “my” block!

Once on the ground we just sat there. And sat there. Eventually we were told to go and stand in the corner park behind some big hangar-thingy. For ages. I saw a 747 with icicles about a metre long hanging from its nose. I guess it must have been very,very naughty waiting a long time.

But at last we were directed to a parking bay, with much cheering and clapping from passengers.

And then the fun started…maths was never my strong point so you figure out for yourselves how many people would have been in the arrivals  area from THREE big jets. And only two officers in the immigration line.

Word was filtering through that nothing was running , either on the streets or subways, as people with cell phones contacted their families.

Through immigration and on to Baggage Claim. Are we having fun yet? A baggage conveyor broke down. Our baggage conveyor. Thousands of bags and boxes were stuck in the bowels of the monster. And there was no maintenance crew.

The Customs Officers just wanted to go home, too. And at 2 am, that’s what they did. Yep! They took our declaration of good intent as stated on our cards and wished us “happy holidays” and told us to bugg come back tomorrow for our bags.

Upstairs, a throng of meet-and-greet people, holding signs (mainly written in Chinese and Arabic) and, ta-daaa! one woman with a sign reading ”


Melanie, another cyber-friend, was waiting to take me home to her place in the Bronx.

I’ll spare you much more than to say we were dug out of a snow drift by a wonderful chap who had a shovel in his car. A Jamaican to boot!

Snow-schmo! I was in New York an’ lovin’ it, baby!


to be continued…







    • No chance! I wouldn’t go alone. And anyway, I’ve given up on public drunken shenanigans. (Some day I’ll tell you about some of the fabulous New Year celebrations I’ve had.)
      You’d love Brooklyn! Photo opps at every turn!


  1. oh….my…..goodness!

    I’m on the edge of my seat reading your dramatic trip (ps its hot here today di REALLLLLLLLLY hot – the sort of hot that only we ozzies can manage….so don’t mind me if I’m quite fancying the idea of being buried in a giant snow drift right now!)

    have fun di – I’m looking forward to reading all your reports – and living the trip vicariously through you!

    happy new year! xxx


  2. Amazing! That sounds like an experience that would have tested my mettle, for certain. Welcome to NYC! Now why couldn’t it have been last year while I was in the city for New Years?! You’re wise to avoid Times Square. The millions of people who show up are shuffled into metal fence-enclosed holding pens early in the afternoon — where they have to stay for the remainder of the night if they want to keep their spot, whether or not they have to pee or whatnot. That’s not my idea of fun. Though last year we did walk through Times Square after midnight and it was still quite fun.


    • Yes…when I was a little ‘un new Year was a very special time in my family and I recall some fantastic times. But I have no appetite for public drunks and as for being told where to go! Here’s to 2011 being bigger, better and brighter for all of us.


  3. O.M.G. indeed! What a start to your trip! Happy holidays and happy New Year in NYC – I love NY, haven’t been for years, so I’m feeling some envy here… although not about your journey!


    • Thankyou, Sara. I’ve only been here a couple of days and done almost nothing, but I can’t understand why some people “bag” this place.There is just so much going on! When a little more slush has cleared I’ll go further afield.I think there could very well be a book in this. 🙂


  4. I’m sure there’ll be a book in this and we’ll hold you to it. Hope you’re writing lots of notes – or even starting on some real stories. Don’t forget that’s what you’re good at. Gosh, it sounds like an amazing trip and I’m just pleased to hear about it after wondering for days if you’d made it. I would so love to be in NY, tell us all so we can do the vicarious thing as Ronnie suggested. Happy New Year (again) and have a great time. xx


    • Carol, there just so many ideas that I’ll be seriously challenged to sieve them. 😉
      Today(Jan. 1) it’s bright, sunny and still. I even opened the door to the terrace and was not cold!


  5. Oh boy! glad you arrived safely (eventually). Still it must be incredible to be in New York. Have a fantastic time and I hope to see lots of photos. Happy New Year!


  6. wow wow wow

    you’re there!!! I’m green with envy!!!!

    have a brilliant brilliant brilliant time!!!!!


    (your journey reminded me of an overlong pregnancy! total nightmare but the end result is worth every minute of the struggle)


  7. I agree with those who say this is a book-worthy adventure! I wondered about your flight, watching the news (safely from California and far from airports). Waited “ages”? I hope your rest on the tarmac wasn’t one of those notorious ones on the news that lasted for many hours?! They kept emphasizing that legal limits on trapping people on planes only apply to domestic flights. The international ones… God help you.


    • Well, it was all due to exceptional weather and there was nothing I could do about that.
      When I think of all those people sleeping on the floor at Heathrow…at least I was in a warm plane! 🙂


  8. What a trip Dinah, but how great to be in New York at the start of a new year – I spent a day and a half there once and ache to go back. Enjoy it all!
    Just been watching reports on Queensland in the news… whew, best wishes to over there too!


    • Thankyou, Cathy. Yes, things back home are pretty grim. Even though my town was not seriously flooded, the highway south is cut and supply trucks can’t get through.
      But here, the snow is melting (it’s drizzly-grey today) and I have hopes of managing to sketch soon.


    • Thanks, Lulu. Happy times to you, too.

      Any readers who are not familiar with this crazy, wonderful,full-of-life place should save their pennies for a trip. Given a choice, I’d opt for the fall(autumn), but grab any NY chance you’re offered.


    • I’m not really sure, having only news to go by and no-one “on the ground” there. But a blogging buddy down that way may know more…in a few hours, I’ll ask her!
      And tomorrow here will be SUNNY. I have to take some stuff to post and Borough Hall seems closest so that should be my furthest walk yet. 🙂


  9. I’ve never been to New York, people keep telling me I should go. Yesterday, I spoke to an older woman on the phone, she’d been living in NY for some years. I asked her if she liked it. She said she LOVES it.


  10. Ok, so I’m finally catching up with your story, better late than never. Too much to do, too little time down here.

    Funny how our trips were all similarly affected by the weather and somehow connected by an invisible link (that’s not to say that the kitty is invisible, far from it, lol; but I meant all this traveling seems a bit like a planet-wide ballet…)

    Hope things are going well in Brooklyn. My love to ‘Storbie.


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