Please see the link posted by Ryan in comments. And thankyou, Ryan, for this.

No, not New York weather.

Jumping back to Australia…I’ve just had an email from The Man who tells me the army flew a Hercules into our town yesterday, with supplies.

That’s a mighty big plane ! And the city of Rockhampton, some 300kms south, is cut off, north and south. Many others have been evacuated, some will be as flood waters surge through.

It’s happened before and will happen again. But that casual, shrugged-off statement does not make it any easier for the folks who have to go through it.

So, thanks, guys, for all your concern about me in the NY snow. But, really, it’s the poor, soggy ones over there who need the kind words.

Back to Brooklyn!

The last of the snow outside my terrace door froze last night, leaving a couple of big, sold lumps. But I found the parsley! YAY!

Coming home the other day I saw this on my street. Not quite sure what it was going to do, since the road was clear and it was a tad too big for the sidewalk.

But what an effective toy!

Some of you have asked where I’m staying. Just off Atlantic Avenue, in Cobble Hill.

I might have mentioned that I’m a life-long fan of this guy

Oh, yes. Dinah goes weak at the knees for Ol’ Blue Eyes. So she was happy to hear his recording of “New York” playing softly over the aircraft sound system the other night when we landed. But it was “looped” and after 8 renditions, I lost count…

Short post…I have lots to do! Maybe I’ll see you around…

27 thoughts on “STRANDED BY EXTREME WEATHER (update 3 Jan)

  1. I’ve been reading about the floods and they sound horrible. Hope everyone there is surviving. At least the government is chipping in to help. Unlike some governments.

    I am familiar with the neighborhood you’re staying in and it’s probably the prettiest naib in all of Brooklyn. There’s an incredible Lebanese restaurant near you on Atlantic Avenue called Tripoli. You should check it out.


  2. Oh, Di, those photos! I’ve been watching it constantly on TV and I’m often reduced to tears, but that’s the first bulk lot of photos I’ve seen. Thanks Ryan! Apparently almost none of the affected people have flood insurance because it’s just too expensive and normal insurance doesn’t cover it. Qld and Federal Govt is offering a lot of cash and loans and I think it’s generous but nothing is going to give people their lives and businesses back for a long, long time. Very sad.

    You stay warm and have the time of your life in the Big Apple. xx


  3. We’ve seen the reports in the SMH and other news media. Flooding, while not unexpected, can still be devastating. I hope peoples lives can get back to normal soon. My daughter and son-in-law live in an area in Sacramento (CA) that is prone to flooding and must have flood insurance by law, just as we must have fire insurance in the area of CA where we live. A necessary evil, I guess.

    Happy to hear that you are well and finding your way around the Big Apple! Hope your stay is wonderful and give our regards to The Don.



  4. seee – you can’t leave the country di without a weather event of biblical proportions!

    (not to make light of the sad situation for folk to the north….)

    take care – I hope to here more positive stories from all and sundry very soon!


  5. Having a great time going through all the posts I’ve missed out on – in spite of the snow storms and floods 😦 Here at la RiviΓ¨re – not dialling for a take out. You want take away? You go get it yourself! How long until you go back? – Sorry for the question I’m sure you’ve answered in one of your posts but I have a 3 month backlog to get through πŸ™‚


    • Ange…you must be busy back-reading! I leave NY mid-February.Loving my time here, walking miles, meeting bloggers, amassing booky ideas… And, now, getting thirsty! It’s happy hour…


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