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I’m not at all hip (is that even still a current term?) and certainly not as clued-in as kids today. (Thankyou, Melanie, for sorting out my phone!)

But I can appreciate the humour in the confusion of modern technology. So can the delightful Mr. Corbett   from BBC


You don’ arf see some odd sights in this place… this morning, on the walkway along the East River,with a stiff wind coming knife-like off the water I saw small dogs, legs not long enough to clear some of the snow heaps. But they were still trying pee on the snow heaps.

I saw a little girl, pushing a Christmas-new doll-sized stroller and falling into snow heaps.

And I saw a grown man, jogging. Well, I saw several people jogging, but only one in SHORTS. Little, bright red nylon running shorts. Barely enough to cover embarrassment. By the time he got home he probably didn’t have any embarrassment left!

I saw two boys laughing in a park. One was eating a burger .The other had an ice cream. I laughed, too.

And now, for all the Aussies. And everyone else who knows the Monty Python joke…


More soon…

Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. Hilarious mental vision of the red nylon. Thanks Di! And the dear old Ronnie…


  2. Carol, you really had to see those shorts! Even some of the natives turned and looked.


  3. I can’t match the red nylon jogging shorts, but when I went to the grocery store Friday night I was followed in by a guy in his twenties who was in shorts, flip flops and a t-shirt. And this in weather that was in the low 20F temps with the wind blowing around 15 mph. Is it a generational thing?


  4. I’m enjoying these posts but I’m sorry to hear of all the troubles back home. Especially the poor book people. I’ve collected books for a long, long time and take it from me, books and water do not mix.


    • Even the damp can have a terrible effect on paper. I swear like a trooper at the constant moulds that appear on all surfaces during the summer season. My art papers are in the driest place I have and still I have problems.
      But nothing quite like this flood.


  5. Never been a fan of the Bruce skit. But I LOVE this sentence

    “Barely enough to cover embarrassment.”


  6. Keep looking – maybe next time you’ll see him in one of those Sasha Baron Cohen Borat swimsuits. (Keep looking discreetly, that is.)


  7. “By the time he got home he probably didn’t have any embarrassment left!” LOL!! (“Blimey, it’s hot in here, Bruce!”)

    So many Bruces … so little time …



  8. I’m so enjoying your tales of your travels! (did you hear about this or this?)(!!)


    glad you’re having a good time – so dreadful about what’s going on at home



    • Thanks for the links (and see my reply to Christopher).
      News from Australia just keeps getting worse. The Man has been getting phone calls from distant lands, asking if we’re OK.

      And moi? I’m still enjoying NY. So many amusing things …


  9. If I ever get near snow, I will never play with the snow heaps, not after reading what wee dogs doo in them.

    I was thinking of getting a blackberry, hmm, maybe in this heat it won’t freeze.


  10. I am SO behind in your blog! I’d say welcome to the Big Apple, but I see you’ve been here for a while. So sorry for the snowstorm. Hope you are enjoying your stay and come back often.


  11. I’m really sorry to hear about all the flooding in Australia. I know it must be horrible to hear of this while you’re so far away.

    Glad you’re enjoying NYC. As you know… I’m jealous.

    I think the MOMA is free on Thursday evenings, BTW. Also, the American Folk Museum is one of my favorite places. Eat a bagel & lox for me.
    ox, Kim


  12. Yes my apple’s out of date too 😦


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