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Despite being far from home and loving my time here…I can’t help feeling gutted at the mess back home.

An hour ago an email from The Man  about seriously depleted supplies in supermarkets. And now this, from one of the artists in my book group.

And in much of the African Continent the drought still claims lives.

I’m sitting here, watching pigeons circling against clear blue sky, sunshine (albeit weak!) lending an air of sparkle. ..

To begin my day…

Hands up all those who push a button on their cell phones for “take out” now and again? Is it delivered by someone driving a mini-van, perhaps with a goofy big plastic pizza on the roof?

Or does it come to your door the old-fashioned way? Like this…

It made me smile.

A week after the storm …still shovelling.


Various animals have featured in my life. The usual domestic pets, farm animals, feral pests (shh! don’t tell the Ranger!) wildlife in various countries…

In London there was a very bold squirrel. She’d come into my apartment and perch on the arm of my chair, hoping for a handout. Yes, I’m a sucker for a cute ball of fur – she’d get a snack. And it didn’t take her long to learn that I kept nuts in a box on the sideboard.

It  was summer and I never closed the garden door at night unless it rained. One morning, I woke to hearing a scrabbling noise…there was Scampi-the- Squirrel, ripping into the box of nuts!

I don’t know how far away her drey was, but in late Spring, she brought her latest brood to” meet the crazy woman who’ll feed you, kids!”

First, Scampi would appear on the garden wall.Then, after a minute or  two, smaller versions of Scamps would follow and would wait on the wall, just under the pear tree (escape route, I guess) for Scampi to return, mouth stuffed with nuts. Eventually, they came closer and one even grew bold enough to venture into the kitchen.

A happy summer…I missed them when I moved across town.

So I was delighted to look up the other day and see this…

The cat was less pleased.

I’m off to see more sights; maybe take more pictures…


Footnote: This a Carolina Grey, as was Scampi. That’s fine here, but the greys in England pretty much wiped out the native red squirrels.


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

20 thoughts on “THERE, BUT FOR GRACE…

  1. Well, there goes tomorrow’s post because I took a whole bunch of snapshots of (wait for it) . . . the gray squirrels who are raiding the bird feeders here.

    You’re a braver person than I because I absolutely would shriek if one came in the house.


  2. I’ve soent the last week thinking about how you’d been writing about the rain – without thinking about your address, not putting two and two together, the penny finally dropping – and wondering how your lot were doing in your absence. . .

    good grief! what a situation!

    glad you’re having a fab time tho – I was in Manhattan in the early 80s and remember similar snow

    lovely squirrel!!!!




    • Well, The Man is managing as our city is not badly-affected (apart from, apparently, toilet paper being in short supply! ;-)), but many others are in a mess.
      Oi loiks squirls, oi doez.


  3. I once hand fed a squirrel – he nearly took my finger off!
    Oh yes, cats are very jealous of squirrels.


  4. That blog post puts it all in perspective, doesn’t it? What a time to leave Queensland! As for Scampi — did she have a fondness for shellfish, too? 🙂 I have a love/hate relationship with squirrels. They are incredibly cute and cheeky … and are amazingly resourceful about raiding my bird feeders.


  5. Yep, you can’t be complacent or blase about the weather in some places.

    Scampi/shellfish…hahaha! Never tried that, but she did nick a fresh-baked scone, with clotted cream and jam!
    You have the pretty black squirrels. I fell in love with them in Stanley Park.


  6. I like them 🙂


  7. The squirrel!!! Did the kitty even open a sleepy eye?


    • Oh yes, once he saw me tip-toeing to the door with the camera. He spotted the squirrel on the table and started that chattering noise (kkkkkk) and would have loved to get closer.
      Ha! Squirrels are faster than cats and people! (I’ve been out most afternoons so don’t know if it’s been back. )


  8. Watching the Queensland floods is heartbreaking. As I was in many of those towns just over a month ago, I can hardly believe it but there it is, water as far as you can see. May give Anna Bligh a boost if she handles it well. Or is that a very cynical thought?

    Cute squirrel. Doesn’t Estorbo have quite a lot to say on the subject of squirrels?
    Hi Storbie, from Luther.


  9. Carol, yes, heartbreak for many. And whatever the Govt. does will bring howls of protest from the opposition.because that’s what’s you do when in Opposition. Whichever side you dress!

    Luther, I hate sqeerels! I weel keel heem eef he coms back. Bot righd now I am sleepeen. I have been playeen a game weeth the minder. I won. ( sgnd Estorbo)


  10. We hope The Man and your home continue to be safe from the rains and flooding.

    Glad, though, that you are enjoying your time in NYC, snow and all. The squirrel is a cutie, but I’m sure the Don thinks otherwise! We have squirrels here — greys and ground squirrels. The ground squirrels seem to be the smarter species. They don’t end up as road kill as often as their arboreal kin.

    ‘Kaika sends regards to the hermano.



    • Thankyou, Trudy.
      Ground squirrels are also called chipmunks I think? They have the stripe, right?
      I just googled them! Interesting that they are less prone to traffic accidents.

      Hola! Ikaika. Ees good to hear frarm you,hermano.


  11. I wish there was some way we could purify flood water and send it to countries with drought. We can ship oil but not water.

    My cousin in Seattle once left a bag of seeds for birds in the garden; the seeds fermented. Then the squirrels got into the bag. I heard they were acting real weird after that. Drunk.


    • “We can ship oil but not water.”
      Now there’s a project someone could work on !

      The cruel thing is that when the waters recede they’ll have stripped much of the good soil so the harsh drought conditions will bite again. And West Australia is fighting serious fires.

      Drunken squirrels-ha! I remember a possum sticking his nose in my mother’s glass of sherry…and drinking it! 🙂


  12. I’m hard-pressed to think of anything I’d love more than an visit from a squirrel. Delightful memory. Enjoy NYNY.


  13. Thanks, Robyn. I have not seen him/her since, but a couple of days ago there were “holes” in the snow.
    NY is wonderful!


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