Yes, I class myself in the category of “vertically challenged.” And I’m a nervous nellie when it comes to heights so changing  a simple light bulb is a major chore. But at least I’m not dragged, at the end of a leash ( albeit a very swish, diamante-collared leash) through snow banks.

The pooch was wearing doggie boots. The uncaring “rich bitch” at the other end of the leash was dragging the poor little bugger.

Wait! Perhaps I’m being unfair…maybe the dog was not being dragged by a rich bitch. Maybe, but this was Fifth Avenue…

Another fall of snow the other night. This time New York was prepared, they said.And published pictures of great fleets of snow-clearing machines. But the karma or witchery of Yours Truly prevented a repeat of the Christmas blizzard. See? I can do other things, even if  light bulbs are beyond me!

The first gentle flakes, soft as down…

Some of the streets are still icy, where snow has frozen, making for novel skating manouevres from several pedestrians. I am stepping carefully.

The other day I saw a lady with a muff. Oh! Stop it! This is what I mean…

I didn’t think people still used muffs.


  1. I’m still trying to sort out why you left the summer hemi for the winter one, except that the reports from Qslnd are so horrifying. You should have come here to our tiny corner of the Rocky Mountains where, in a weird twist of weather fate, we have had NO snow to speak of all season. None. Piles of it all around us, but nothing here.

    The vertically challenged will appreciate that I was required to stand on a box for an interview the other day. Talk about letting interviewers put one on a pedestal!


    • The weather is certainly behaving oddly in many places!
      And, while I don’t really want to go back to long, cold wet winters, I am LOVING the snow, short-term.
      On a pedestal…;-) 🙂


    • Ah! Ear muffs. A chap on the train yesterday was wearing ear muffs and they must have had a sound system in them as he was tapping his foot and lip-synching all the way from Wall St to Lexington.
      About the dogs I see: I think a lot are walked by dog-walkers while the owners are at work. I often see 3 or 4 dogs of disparate sizes/breeds being walked by one person, usually young. And I still haven’t heard any barking here! 🙂


  2. Ever since I read about muffs in a Louisa May Alcott book, I’ve loved [the idea of] them though I’ve never worn them when I suffered through winter twice.

    Haha, I don’t think the Aussies thought this years Ashes was funny 🙂


  3. Oh I’m delighted to hear that muffs are still available in New York – not to mention wellies for dogs!!! Fantastic! You could certainly sell some of them here right now.
    Keep warm!


    • I’ve been wondering about you, Amanda. And Jaydee at Myrtle Street. Hope all’s well (I heard the river peaked below the expected level).

      Don’t know about muffs, but I’m considering some fingerless gloves with mitten covers. Such a wuss, I am!


  4. It’s not politically correct but I have a fur muff (my mothers, from when she was a glamorous little girl!) made from SEAL FUR. There. Now I’ve said it. Can I ‘fess up at this point and add that she also had a toy koala bear made from… real koala fur. AND I have a box full of rabbit pelts! I’m still thinking about what to do with them all… BUt I agree, a muff is very useful in the cold. I put on mum’s rabbit fur lined gloves and stick my hands inside the sealskin muff when it’s very cold!


  5. More snow??? Do we need to get ‘Storbie kitty boots?

    Hope you’re having fun in the Big Apple. Have you mastered the MTA maze yet? Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge?


    • In between snows it’s been lovely. I’m getting the hang of the subway after all these years away.I’ve even changed lines! I’m saving “my” bridge for good sunlight.
      Storbie doesn’t need boots – refuses to go out in it! 🙂


  6. I really enjoyed this conversation especially as I am not a lover of snow, yes I have seen it and been in the sludge of it. It is very comfortable at present, naturally under a fan or two but we choose to be where we are at present.

    The muffs sound wonderful and can almost feel their warmth even here in Queensland.

    I have often wondered about the owners of the dogs who “have” to wear these outfits. What the hell are fur coats for! talk about humanising an animal. But then I talk to my dog as I would another person so go figure as they say these days.



  7. Fur garments (in any condition) that you don’t want, need, or use can be donated to the Humane Society. They use them to comfort animals who are abandoned, sick, or injured. It’s a US organization, but there may be similar programs in other countries — or, if you’re willing to pay the frieght, I expect the US Humane Society would accept donations from overseas.


    • I think most animal charities are grateful for such donations.
      Sad that animal #1 had to die for them, but the natural fibres are essential for raising orphans. The ultimate in recycling?


  8. Why are you still here??? I guess I should read your blog more regularly, then I would know, she said shamefully.
    That dog is pumping along well, I’d say. The icemelt is murder on dog feet. Makes them crack and bleed.
    Anyway, I did see on the news that NYC has spent $40 million dollars on snow removal so far this year! Amazing.
    Love that muff. You should get you one!


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