…with a side of New York snow.

Anthony is giving my Main Man some cause for concern..The Met Office boffins have issued this


While over on the Dark Side, folks are hunkering down for Bianca.(Good luck, Archie!)


See? Sandwich. Note to the Sky Fairy/Ceiling Cat…wasn’t the *%#ing rain enough?

What can I say? Oh! C’mon, people! I don’t get much practice at this in the Tropic of Capricorn! Maybe I should go back to the Met. and have a really good look at the Degas…

I’m rather enjoying the snow. Well, some aspects of it. There is a certain beautifying quality, a rendering of all things to the same level.

Of course, when “that level” is upwards of three feet deep and between you and your pay cheque…yes, I can see that the gloss would be minimal.

Still, some of us know how to have fun…

…a variation on the fairground coconut shies. “Aim for the baby buggy, Willie!” This is what my street was like the day before the latest snowstorm!





Yes, I can see that the gloss may tarnish!

I’m drawn to oddities. Particularly ย gaffs in advertising and journalism. There’s a company here (maybe it’s a national enterprise) that sells and delivers cleaning products. They have banner-ads on subway trains. One caught my imagination: floor wax to brazilian wax… we have it.

Surely, not the same product?ย 


Look ย for their ads…


And don’t slip on that wax!




  1. Golly! Loads of snow… we’ve forgotten all about that now.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog… yes I did know about the disabled audio, last time I removed it but Youtube then added a link for anyone to download the tune on iTunes…

    Decided delete any mention of music and replace with a silent movie


  2. Wow! I hadn’t seen those two cyclone diagrams which make it more clear than the TV whirly things. This is bad news for Queensland, and Mackay does look a bit too close for comfort.

    The Met! Degas! Ohhhh… lucky you. The snow does look very pretty but I’m sure the novelty wore off long ago for all those folk who have to dig out their cars. Stay warm and enjoy the cold.


    • Just had an email from P. and he’s keeping an eye on it.They can go either way without warning.
      Yes, the Met. has a marvelous collection, including “At the Barre” which was a poster in one of my flats. Hung, predictably, above the dresser where we kept our booze! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. I think it all balances out weather-wise for you. The worse winter ever in Brooklyn versus the summer cyclones and deluge in Australia. You would’ve gotten hammered either way.

    How’s Estorbo? Ceiling cat behavior or basement cat behavior?


  4. I just spent a day standing out in one of the first hot and sunny days of the oz summer (it was swimming carnvial day for the kidlettes)….. I rather fancy the look of all that snow after half baking to death! (no cyclones for us please – we’re southerners!)


  5. Best of luck to those in the cyclone’s path! Yikes!

    You are fortunate to be staying in one of the most photogenic neighborhoods in all of New York. I saw a pic of a man on cross-country skis going down the Brooklyn Heights promenade. You don’t see that every day!


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