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Update  onAnthony


Because, as the pundits watching events in Cairo(and, indeed, in Washington ,DC) keep telling us, we must know the truth. We cannot allow emotions to cloud the facts.

But first, an amusing diversion…

A friend recently wrote that he was delighted to find in his mail box a flyer claiming that he could “have sex at seventy-seven!”

My friend said that, as he lived at #3, it wouldn’t take long to walk home afterwards…

He’s a bit of a wag, this friend.Sends me all manner of funny stories. Today, he’s sent me this link

A couple of hours ago (0500 EST/USA, or 5am New York) Queenslanders were expecting the cyclone to cross the coast in a few hours, probably around Townsville/Bowen

So the poor buggers further south had better refill those sandbags.

Here’s a sunbird, incubating eggs. A happy image!


sunbird on nest


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

25 thoughts on “A HISTORY LESSON

  1. Where is that image from? Certainly not Brooklyn, NY!


  2. No, not Brooklyn! This is one of the sunbirds, back home in Mackay. That particular nest was under the eaves at the end of the front verandah.
    Cute little things,these nests, woven from bark strips, cobweb, cat fur, my hairbrush combings,lined with down and the whole dangling on a string of bark-y fibres about 6″ long. 🙂


  3. …and your friend wouldn’t even have to cross the road.


  4. I’ve just sat here and watched all 4 videos in that set – utterly priceless!


  5. ON nest? That’s more like a luxury condo!


  6. That sunbird looks like it may be incubating rumours, too.


  7. I don’t usually have 12 minutes to spare before leaving for work, but that yeoman was well worth it


  8. Damn – I was going to shut down the ole computer for the night, and now there’s an invitation to view Youtube that I can’t pass up! And a phone call I’d better make to Mum!! Thanks Dinahmow 🙂


  9. That Yeoman – hysterical. I thought 12 minutes would be too long but like others, I now have to watch the rest of them.

    Cyclone Anthony doesn’t seem to have been too much of a disaster (as compared to what?) but the next one is hovering – what a thing to have hanging over you. Poor Queensland. And yesterday I saw such tragic footage of the Victorian floods, I don’t know how the human spirit keeps rising above all this.

    Thanks for the Yeoman, we all need cheering up here.


  10. I seem to remember reading that sunbirds are very sweet sociable little birds.

    The man at 77 in our street, keeps putting leaflets through my door too – but they’re all about Jesus


    • Second coming? 😉

      Yes, the sunbirds are sweeties.I don’t like to encourage them on account of the cats. (well, all sorts of threats from other neighbours who seem only to like vicious dogs!)


  11. I love this, “sex at seventy-seven”! LOL The sunbird is a cutie. I remember seeing these when we visited the Virgin Islands.


  12. oh I love the pic of the songbird 🙂


  13. This bird in the nest is so funny 🙂 It would make a great poster or jigsaw puzzle or picture on a tee-shirt or…stop me, please, I can go on

    and on.

    I’ll check out these videos this weekend, for once, I won’t be busy. Phew. Yayyy.


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