Walking home yesterday I passed a couple of people having a “heated discussion” about who had ” shovelled snow onto my car, man! ”

100 yards on and I met another  fellow. He was shouldering 2 snow shovels and walking along Columbus Heights, calling:”Anyone need help to get their car out?” I’d like to clone him.

In an hour or so TC Yasi is going to make landfall.

Makes 3′ of yellow snow on your doorstep a lesser thing. Unless, of course, you’re the one who has to shovel it!

It’s a hard time to be far away from home. But even harder to have to face something like this!

So I’m doing what I always do in tough situations -‘avin’ a bit of laugh.

And this lady is always guaranteed for a chuckle chez Dinahmow.

And for pudding (I’m English -we say pudding, not dessert!), try this



  1. The Ballad of Barry and Freda! Brilliant brilliant lyrics… I ‘d forgotten just how funny it is.

    Hope your home, family and friends stay safe over the next 24 hours… Queensland really doesn’t need this storm after those horrendous floods. I love Aus… and would love to go back for another visit. I know down-to-earth Aussies won’t be beat, but the forces of nature are unforgiving and indiscriminate in what they destroy.



  2. Sorrrry! OH has been playing with my studio ‘pooter again!

    Sending good wishes to the snowy east of the US and Queensland
    from ‘a bit damp and chilly’ Suffolk*

    * we don’t dew ‘extreme weather’ ‘ere boiy!


  3. In spite of looking at nothing else but Yasi all day yesterday and this morning, I hadn’t seen that comparison-with-the-world article. Just amazing. Good VW is able to add a light touch to some worrying days.


  4. the bits about beat me on the bottom with a Woman’s Weekly and bending over the Hostess trolley just crack me up. . . she is so talented!!


    watched that terrible storm on the news – such a relief that noone was hurt altho the damage done is utterly dreadful


    just so glad you’re having a fab time in NY!!



  5. We aren’t seeing much on our news about Yasi, are we? That bothers me. We and the Middle East are not the only news to report and I get mad that we don’t see more of what goes on anywhere else. I do hope there is not too much devastaion in your country.


    • Yes, Kate, sometimes the news boys only chase what’s close to the pay cheques!
      Yasi did some terrible damage to several northern towns, but Mackay was lucky. Flooding further south will be the next worry as waters flow down.
      But Aussies are pretty good at getting back on their feet.


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