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I’M BACK! (Well,I think I am…)


No, I can’t offer a valid excuse and the hackneyed old ones are just that. If I have any readers left, they deserve better than a paltry “I’ve been busy.”

So, here we go again. What’s that? Where are we going? Oh gawd! I just knew some smartypants would say that!

Well, don’t ask me – I just write the stuff!

But I will tell you that I’m tinkering with my template and that there will be changes. Perhaps even a new site.

In the mean time…Notice that ‘s not one word “meantime.” In this case, you may read “mean” as “average” or “stingy.”

Some amusing sights I’ve seen…

see Christopher’s comment, below, for a great caption!


In the State of Queensland, learner drivers must display L plates. That’s L for learning .   Then there are P plates. Someone suggested it’s P for panic, which is what some of us do when we see them coming. But I wonder if it could be P for practising?

In which case, what should we make of this?

Looks like the clock is on steroids again…I’ll be back soon. I hope!


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

19 thoughts on “I’M BACK! (Well,I think I am…)

  1. I was hoping to read more about your time in New York…..


    • Oh! Bless you for still being here!
      Yes, I’ll write about The Big Apple from time to time. Thing is…I’m working between computers at present and the photos are not on both hard drives. It’s complicated…


  2. ‘P’ for pissed?


  3. The silver b.a.l.l.s.? Did you bring that back from NY? Welcome back, of course your readers are still here, I am, anyway. We must both be in blogging mood. Or mode.


    • hahaha! No, I saw them here. Actually, on Monday, on a Landcruiser driven by a kindy-mom and today, on the back of a Hi-lux. Perhaps it’s a Toyota thing? Oh, wait! I drive a Toyota…(an emasculated Toyota?)


  4. Perhaps the owner is a Mr C. O. Jones, innocently wishing to personalize his car?

    And that second car is clearly wide enough for Philoprogenitivity.


  5. Oh


    I could’ve sworn you’d written that you’d seen them on a Landcruiser driven by a kinky-mom…

    Of course your readers are still around, waiting for you to get over jet-lag, post-travellers’ procrastination, that sort of thing.

    I’ve always wondered what that ‘P’ plate is, if it’s some Peculiar Oz thing.


    • Kinky-mom! Yes-I love it!
      The P is really quite Pedantic (and pretty damn’ Pointless, since very few P drivers heed their restrictions), but it stands for “provisional licence.”

      After being taught to drive properly and having passed a test (the test is conducted by a policeman!) the L plates can be swapped for Ps which must be displayed for 12 months, with no infringements recorded, before they can drive on an open licence.

      In this town there’s an 11pm curfew for P platers. Oh yeah! Like they heed that! I’m surprised they don’t have ” Mr C O Jones’ ” ornaments, since they’re all raging hormones!
      Best avoided if possible. 😉


  6. Welcome back! I’m back, too. And what *does* P stand for? We have L and N decals. N = new.


  7. Ouch. That car must belong to the Silver Surfer’s ex-wife.


  8. Loving Mr COJ’s ornamentation – I’m now looking for an inflatable version


  9. Seeing as I only blog every blue moon at the moment It’d be pretty hypocritical of me to say I’m not around!! Only THIS time I have to put you on my sidebar (which, admittedly, since I started homeschooling the kids, I don’t get much time to squiz through any more 😦 ) so I can at least see you BEFORE you drop over to me!
    Love the Toyota decorations – especially as you don’t have to take them down after Christmas 😉
    Love the photogenic cat up above by the way. She’s gonna miss ya!!


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