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…I admit to feeling a little sad. But mostly, my memories of the Big Apple will be of the lovely people I met.

Here’s one of them. No, he doesn’t really have a Cissus  vine growing out of his head!

Lunch in Greenwich Village, with UB

“Three Petes”  A fine name for these fine players. Yes, all called Peter!

New Yorkers, if you’d like to listen to some good music, head over to on Wednesdays, at lunchtime.

Very early in my stay, I met a couple of other bloggers in East Village. Melanie and Victoria


Melanie loves Bart

Some of you might recall that I have a print of Victoria’s iconic water towers. Well, now I have one of the beautiful Chrysler Building! I had a mat cut the other day, thinking I had enough foamcore to back it. Wrong! But I’ll get a new piece today and will post a photo once it’s on the wall.

update: here it is! Not yet on the wall, but isn’t it beautiful?

The Chrysler Building

It has a Rackham-ish look, don’t you think?But if you’d like to see more (buy some?) do check out Victoria’s blog and Etsy shop.(And, no, she didn’t ask me for a plug.)

Here’s a shot of the Gipsy Fortune Teller in her dark tent

Victoria in her office, the day I met her for lunch.

And the First of the Melanies, the stalwort who stayed in contact with The Man, via email, when no one seemed to know where in the snowstorm I was, who hung around JFK airport til damn’ near daylight, waiting for me, the Melanie whom I first came to know in a sketchbook exchange, the Melanie who is not keen to have her photo taken…

But she does have a highly photogenic cat!


I  still have quite a few photos to process, but it might take a while. Deadlines have a nasty habit of sneaking up on a person!



Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

24 thoughts on “WHEN I LEFT NEW YORK…

  1. Chrysler Building is lovely, as is the Water Towers that I just had another peek at. Now you’ve set me off on another Rackham rampage… I think Rackham was my first indication as a very young child that trees really did have personalities, a bit scary, but very wonderful.


  2. Yes, indeed. Victoria does some lovely work.
    And Rackham? I had one book illustrated by him which I adored in daylight, but could not “go to sleep with” as a small child. Then I grew up and loved him for what he saw. 🙂


  3. I’m trying to work out what the middle Pete is playing. Could it be the spoons?


    • I deliberately left that “open” and you’re the first to ask! (Well, as a musician, you would be..) That chap played a mean trumpet…and doubled on… ukelele! Yes! My old friend, Maynard Ferguson would have been impressed.


  4. Good to see you back! I thought surely you would post something about that nasty earthquake in New Zealand, but probably better to not.
    Fun seeing what you saw in NYC.


  5. Hi–Diane today will reach the 70sF!!!Yeah–quite different from being inundated with snow. How are things in Australia??Glad you had a great time here in the Big Apple. You must return.


  6. What a treat having a bite with you. Both times! Did you really know Maynard Ferguson?! Re: the Cissus vine. I like the look in the photo so much that I’m having one implanted on my head. And the Chrysler Building is my favorite, which is saying something.


  7. Hello – thanks for visiting. Your blog looks intriguing… will be back.


  8. That’ll be a catwalk then – she looks like a bit of a diva


  9. At first glance I thought you had lunch in the Village with Bill Clinton — vine or no vine, I thought it was the Prez!

    And yes, the Chrysler Building looks just beautiful, a perfect mat and frame, so very glad to see it (thanks for the unsolicited plug, too).

    We miss you but are so very glad to have linked up!


  10. I like Victoria’s version of the Chrysler building – very nice work


  11. I’m off to NY tomorrow! I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself during your stay.


  12. Are you sure that’s not a CIssus vine coming out of his head? Because I hear this look is all the rage now in New York.


  13. I had to google Rackham and well, now I’m hooked.

    Melanie and Victoria look like lovely people, the kind I see in movies, you know, the artsy, good-hearted ones.

    I have to go hang out the laundry, I’ll be back to listen to the 3 Petes.

    Somebody in NY, give that cat a pat from Guyana.


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