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Yes, I have been a tardy blogger. But I wanted to dash in here and add my views.

UPDATE Seems a satisfactory end has been reached. And a nice little nod to courtesy and common sense. Pop across to The Night Shift to find out.

You can read the links (Victoria’s blog, see below) for yourselves (New Yorkers, I’m sure, are already aware of this nonsense.) and draw your own conclusions.

Copyright infringement. It’s a nasty little beast that affects us all. Initially  formulated to protect the authors of artistic work(s), it does seem to have been hi-jacked by the big corporations.

And that’s the tragedy of it. It seems to me that the MTA is so desperate for cash they are prepared to use “interns” to sniff around the interweb, looking for anyone who might be flouting what the MTA appears to think is its sole preserve.

The real issue, in my view, is that the MTA still regards garbaged cards as its own property.

Hmm…I wonder how they’d see it if faced with a lawsuit involving plastic litter? Because that’s what a Metro Card becomes when no longer valid for travel.

Oh, yeah…an aside: will I have to increase my home insurance premium because I have artwork by a highly-sought after artist?


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

22 thoughts on “MY TURN TO STIR THE POT

  1. what a hoot!!!!!
    I followed a bit of the tale on the given link ….phworr! the little aussie anarchist in me is chuckling away… I mean my initial reaction was ‘WTF?’ and ‘surely you can’t still assert a copyright claim over trash? or maybe we can hold you liable for the pollution’ (hmmmm that’s an idea…) … but now I’m thinking- BRING ON THE LOGOS scheeez! I’ll happily make schtuff and post it online EVERYWHERE ….. and rake in the $$ and attention thanks very much….. INSANE!

    … but surely a lesson – not to underestimate the power of social media, the sheep-like mentality of manic-media, and the stoopidity of Big Business!


  2. Ronnie, we may become known as the Spoon Sisters! 😉

    But, yes, it does all smack of greed. Those interns are only working for experience.


  3. What a fantastic story. And the links on her site are great. I’ve just spent an hour surfing backwards and forwards from singlefare.blogspot


  4. nurse… thankyou. It’s all a bit surreal, isn’t it? If Sidney Lumet had not (just) died, I think he could have made a movie on this.
    And coming on top of the recent brouhaha about the Men At Work case…


  5. I love this! Thanks for alerting us to it. It’s statements like this that make me shake my head in despair/glee:

    “It isn’t the size of the trademark usage that matters, but the principle,” Mr. Donovan says.

    It reminds me of the Tax Man who audits the penny-hiding little guy who doesn’t even make enough to PAY income tax instead of the multi-national corporations who bilk millions. Why? Because which one can hire a team of the best lawyers to keep it mired in red tape until the coming of the apocalypse?


  6. I hadn’t heard anything about this but I can assure you that I’ll be buying one of her cards. Aside from them being aesthetically pleasing, it give me pleasure to poke the MTA in the eye. They’re discarded! What do they care!?


    • UB…apparently the MTA boys “care” that they could make some more money being selling a licence to use rubbish.
      By the way, are subway buskers required to hold a licence?


  7. I’d say only in New York, but the corporation that strikes fear here in North Carolina is the Disney Company. They’ve gone after mothers who care for children in their houses after school here in Greensboro for painting Micky and Minnie on the walls inside their own homes. Copyright infringement, they trumpet. Even with all the bad press that Disney got, the mothers still had to paint over their walls and promise never to do it again.

    And that is one of the reasons why I’ll never go to Disney World, etc. . .


    • I’m sure many people think like this. But many more are happy to spend $$$
      having fun with no thought of corporate politics. A chacun son gout, I suppose.
      (Ooh! I hope Disney doesn’t come after me for painting a Donald Duck on a wall, 50+ years ago!)


  8. Oh, save us from these greedy, mean spirited people. I’ve heard terrible stories about Disney but this one is even more ridiculous. We can refuse to go to Disney World but it’s a bit hard to ignore MTA if you live in NY. Arghhh…


  9. Actually, the US copyright clause was not “Initially formulated to protect the authors of artistic work(s)” but rather “To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries.” (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 8, US Constitution)

    “Useful arts” is not a reference to paintings etc, but rather to various categories of manufacturing. Over time, the Copyright clause and the Commerce clause (which deals with trademarks) have been interpreted and applied to a wider and ever-burgeoning variety of endeavors known as “intellectual property.”

    The point of limiting the term of the copyright was to ensure that newly devised and/or articulated usefulness and progress would pass FROM the author and inventor into free common use. If I remember correctly, the original term of copyright was 14 years. Now, again if I remember correctly, it’s lifetime plus 70 years (thank you, Sonny Bono).

    Do I think the MTA is overreaching? Yes. Do I think Disney is an evil empire. Maybe, maybe not. Small and large businesses have a right to seek to protect their assets. I can imagine the yowling that would have erupted if the MTA had plucked one of Victoria’s images from her blog and just started using it as an emblem of their organization without credit or compensation. So, yes, the principle is the same, even as the application of the principle varies widely.

    And no, in NY, subway buskers are not required to be licensed but they are encouraged to observe a variety of courtesies:


  10. There’s a lot of confusion about copyright, about rights in general. but especially about copyright. And in the electronic age, almost all bets are off.


  11. What about your tattoos? Are they safe?


  12. Living in Laguna Beach, California… an artist colony… hope to see some litter around here get painted. Thanks for the story.

    Never let anyone stop you from imagining a clean environment.

    Health is a result of environmental signals to your DNA.

    Every time you make a good choice against litter, positive chemical reactions happen instantly in your body & brain that make you more

    healthy and alive.

    In other words… Picking Up Litter = Free Drugs created by your brain.

    Future generations will not tolerate litter.

    Feel free to contact me if you want a free link from my website.

    In hope of Peace & Synergy & Holo Pono


  13. Campbell Soup! Andy Warhol!

    Big companies fail to forget how they got big in the first place. It’s because of us, the consumers.


  14. oops…oops…sorry…I didn’t read comments first…this post is closed 🙂


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