Still busy, folks. And I was reminded today that Monday is a public holiday for most of us. The westerners like to dance to their own music so they salute Her Majesty on a different date. No, I don’t know when and can’t be bothered to consult a calendar.

Anyway, what I’m getting to, in a very roundabout way , is that, despite most people having a day off to celebrate a birthday which was actually almost two months ago, some of us will still have to apply olfactory organs to whetting devices.

But just to keep you lot on your toes…

What is this?

No clues, but I’ll leave it up til Saturday. (No, Nurse, it is not a whalebone corset!)

And for those of you who say you’re no good at guessing, perhaps Messrs. Fry and Laurie might be of assistance. ( I was about to type NSFW in the title line, then realised that might attract some kinky people. And we don’t do kinky Chez Dinahmow, do we? *)

* No, we all go to other blogs for that!

One final observation – had I been the contestant dismissed for being dirty, I’d have claimed a different spelling and meaning.

16 thoughts on “ANOTHER TEASER!

  1. Looks like the lint brush I use to get up the piles of cat hair from my three. How can three short-haired cats leave so much behind and not be bald I can’t quite figure that out.


  2. May I have another try please?

    Have you got one of those architectural arty radiators – a red one with horizontal pipes, maybe?


    Still waiting for chicks to hatch :-/ Maybe later today?


    • Of course you may. In fact, I’ll give everyone 3 guesses.
      No, I don’t have a snazzy radiator.
      And I still don’t have chooks! 😦 Still working on it!


  3. I now know the answer so I won’t make a guess. Loved Fry & Laurie, just noticed the ABC1 is about to have a new Fry program – well, new to us in Australia I suppose, so I hope it’s a good one.


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