Because too much of our past is slipping by unrecorded and uncared- about.Tweets don’t last! But I have found a most entertaining record from England’s Tudor times. Seems there were other dangers, besides the risk of the executioner’s axe or incarceration in The Bloody Tower.


I’ll certainly take extra care next time I go prancing around a maypole. Or play Christenmas games!

Sporran hi-jacked my laptop yesterday, claiming unfair monopoly, and wrote a post on the cats’ blog. I wish she’d take over all my secretarial duties!

And several people have asked for my no-knead bread recipe. Well, I use the method of Carol Bates, with a bit of Dinah-tweaking. And I don’t want Carol sending the Copyright Police after me so I’ll just give you a link to her site.   If you thought baking a simple loaf was just too laborious I urge you to try this.

I was introduced to Carol’s method ‘way back in the early 1980s. My then neighbour had bought a bread-making kit and the method was so easy-peasy  and the recipes so delicious I bought my own book from Carol.

And it’s nigh on impossible to “go wrong” with this  bread. I recall a day when my neighbour had put her bowl of dough on the roof of her laundry, several steps lower than the kitchen and in a beautifully sunny spot. Then she nipped out to the shops, forgetting about the dough. Dear God! That bowl of flour, yeast and water turned into a heaving, oozing mass, escaping its bowl and threatening a rooftop takeover!

                                                                                            Invasion of Dough-Heads?

But H. , on returning from her shopping foray, simply scraped it back into the bowl and put it in a cool place til it recovered. The resultant loaf was fine.

We did have some yeasty adventures. The ginger beer story can wait for another day.

I actually sat down at my other keyboard on Saturday! I am unlikely to be offered a Carnegie Hall gig, but I managed to find all of the notes in a short practice piece. Some of them in the right order! Of course, I have had some training from the most excellent Mr. S. Fry. 😉

11 thoughts on “A HISTORY LESSON

  1. Hehe, I too like the escaping dough. Did you see it? 🙂

    The smell of bread baking brings back childhood memories, when basic food items were scarce in Guyana [thanks to bad politician], and my mother used to get flour from here, there…she baked bread and we gobbled it up with butter [garnered from here, there].


    • GG, I think there are quite a few who have memories like this. I used to think the occasional soda loaf was a wonderful treat – my mother said it was because we lived far from a big town and were poor! 🙂


  2. And now I live too far away from a big town, but we are in France and everyone gets their daily bread 😉 I want the inside on the ginger beer story! And I shall be mindful not to put my dough out on the roof… Goodness knows what I’d scrape back into the tin with the dough!!!


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