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Time, I think, to tease some of the people who stumble in here.

I’m not going to go all cryptic like I did on that mangrove question. But I am going to ask you for more than a one-word answer.

What is it?

I was back in the water yesterday. Brrr! Lovely sunshine, but that South Easterly was nasty. Yes, even in a heated pool. I did think about a wet-suit.  Then I thought the Michelin Tyre Company might sue for breach of copyright! 🙂

Is your town twinned with another city? Our twin is Matsuura, in Japan and the school where I do the occasional stint as “helper” has just had a visit from a group of Matsuura students.

I spent the afternoon folding origami shapes. Lots of laughter and some very creative folding from some of the children. Moi? Not so much! I have perfected one or two folds, but I have a looong way to go in this field.

My origami crane. Sub-titled: don’t give up your day job!

Actually, I haven’t had a “day job” for a long time. The last place where I was on the payroll was a vineyard.

Which reminds me…it’s almost Happy Hour chez  Dinahmow… I’ll leave you with a small amusement to make up for my lack of witty content.  Take it away, Mr. Laurie…


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

20 thoughts on “WHAT IS THIS?

  1. Have you:
    1. Been branding sheep
    2. Scorching army blankets
    3. Spilling coffee on your linen tablecloth
    4. Composing Rohrschach tests
    5. Dropping bromine from a pipette on to a map of the Sahara?


  2. 1. Been branding sheep not today
    2. Scorching army blankets never
    3. Spilling coffee on your linen tablecloth not recently
    4. Composing Rohrschach tests not for years
    5. Dropping bromine from a pipette on to a map of the Sahara? huh?


  3. How about finding the shadow of the front end of a very large spider – – –
    That Fry clip is gold!


  4. So the shadow part is right….?


  5. I’ve surfaced to read my favourite blogs – so many favourites. It does look like a blurry spider but knowing you it’s probably something entirely different. Love your new toy, should be required equipment for me too.


  6. So it’s the front end of something….?


  7. Yes. You and Archie should get together. 😉


  8. animal, vegetable or mineral?


  9. I’m stuck on a spider. A statue? Not a real one? Look, it’s 7:19 a.m. here and I just can’t do any better than that.


  10. The spider in “Miniscule”. Yes, I am addicted to that show 🙂


  11. Are we allowed another go? (Well, 6th go in my case.) Could this spider be associated with a particular brand of champagne?


  12. I’ll never guess in a million-zillion years. Is it an origami something?


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