Yes, this blog suffers from abandonment. If I viewed blogging as a “job” I might write more regularly. But then it would not be the fun that it (mostly!) is.

That doesn’t mean that I would not consider  paid work again…

Who’s up for another little guessing game? Nobody? Too bad, you’re going to get one!

Not a spider this time. Mind you, if you’ve been  into  the funny stuff  you might see spiders this colourful! Leave your guesses in the comments and I’ll post the answer on Friday.

We’re doing a little revamping Chez Dinahmow. No major building work, but a concerted effort to tidy some of the muddle. And, believe me, it is a veritable “bugger’s muddle.” Too many things with no proper home. I mean, c’mon, who would collect beautiful art and keep it packed away in boxes! Yes, guilty, as charged.

Until yesterday…

But now my artists books have  their very own home.

Display cabinet

Our floor has one or two uneven spots (we know this from the highly technical method of ball-rolling) and the cabinet is at present chocked with some of Sporran’s ripped-up cardboard.

But until we do something a little more permanent…

some of my collection  on display

four books from the current round of the BookArtObject  exchange  

and some from last year’s exchange.

I’ll have to rotate  things as this cabinet is nowhere near big enough for everything. And I’ll need to devise  slightly more professional mini-plinths than the current plastic kitchenware! But it is lovely to see my treasures.

In case anyone is wondering what has happened to the  print that used to hang in this spot… it is in the queue of  paintings, prints, photographs waiting to be re-hung. The framing tape on some needs to be replaced and there are new works to be hung.

I was saddened and extremely annoyed the other day when The Man and I  pulled up beside a python on the road, just metres from our house. Some bastard had run over it. To judge by the tyre marks it was a deliberate act. But I picked it up and carried across the road, down to the treeline above the mangroves. At least the carrion scavengers could pick at it there without themselves suffering fatal “Dunlops Disease.” *

dead python   Morelia spilota

Now, because Dinah doesn’t like to go out on a sad note and because we all need a laugh and, most importantly, Dinah needs a drink…here’s that  great comic duo getting up  some pretentious noses. Enjoy!

* A term coined by a former Parks Ranger for anything run over on our roads. 

28 thoughts on “A BIT OF A MIXED PLATTER

    • Oh! So close! But not embroidery. Not quite…

      GG, if I could display all of my pictures, sculpture, books,etc this house would look like a very small gallery holding a very big clearance sale!


  1. half expect that the unbearable banishment is going to find a way to ship himself to see those books in person!

    my guess: needlepoint guitar strap.

    i’ve seen them, but don’t own one. they can be very lovely!


    • Well, if UB does come down here I’ll organise a look at the “full collection” in the local gallery;they hold one of the best collections.

      And I’ve seen some gorgeous guitar straps;a friend of mine wove one for a well-known plucker back in the hippie era.

      But that’s not the answer. 😦


  2. Just lost my comment. Damn! Is your mystery pic that graffiti-proof fabric used in buses, trains and other public places? Actually I like it so maybe it’s the upholstery on your brand new very expensive office chair.
    I just sat through 5 Fry & Laurie vids – I should know better than to start. Love them so much…


  3. Not many people, I assume, would be as concerned about the death of the python. That’s the part that perked me up. I suppose I have a very similar sensibility here where we have much different species of wild animals and reptiles. Though, there is an imbalance such as far too many deer in urban areas — their predators are few and far between.


    • Hello, Diane! Thank you for meandering so far!
      A similar (perceived) imbalance occurs in some places here, including the national Capital.This must be the only country that kills the animal featured on the coat of arms!


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