…guessed correctly by the very clever Barnacle Goose (who spends such a lot of time travelling I’d have been surprised if she hadn’t got it. 🙂 ) is the seat fabric on my #7 bus. Thanks for all your guesses.

Very smart livery, I think.  Love those yellow poles! And a nice, clean bus, to boot. Of course, I rarely ride public transport these days; in fact, this was a first for me in this city!

But my normally reliable Toyota wouldn’t start. Fortunately, The Man was here and he whipped the battery out of the Mustang and jump-started the Camry. I dropped him at his office (yes, of course  I kept the motor running!) and drove over to the battery place. Turned out the starter motor had reached the “I’m old and tired and don’t want to do this any more” point. So I gathered my library books and walked to the shopping mall and waited for a bus. And it’s quite true what they say about buses – if you wait long enough, one will come along! Halfway home my cell phone rang. The mechanic could rebuild the starter motor and it would be ready after lunch.


Oh-oh…I can hear a muscle car roaring up the drive…back later…


It’s not just cars that add to the drama around here. Oh, no! Computers can also throw their spanners in the works. This time, the “big computer” (which is what I call the old one in our office ‘cos it’s bigger than my laptop) flashed an overheating warning and shut itself down. That was last Friday. I picked it up yesterday, plugged its spaghetti in and guess what? The keyboard refused to have anything to do with me.

Look, this is going to send you to sleep so I’ll just say I bought a refurbished ex-Government lease laptop. Anyone got a rabbit’s foot handy? Four-leaf clover? Horse-shoe…


We’ve been “baby-sitting” our neighbour’s Honda motorcycle while his garage was being built. Look whose face graces the cowling!

Vincent Price . In life, much more handsome than here!

I like to think Vinnie would have chuckled to see this.


We have some birthdays coming up Chez Dinahmow. The cats will be four years old this month. This blog will reach the the 5 year milestone next month. And this blogger will have to apply for a fire permit if she wants candles on her cake!

I think we should have a prize, don’t you? Hmm… this will require some thought. I’m open to suggestions. Nothing silly, mind, like free airline tickets!

EDIT:  I know Daisyfae’s away so may not read this, but just in case, I’ve put the spider over on the cats’ blog

26 thoughts on “AND THE ANSWER THIS TIME…

  1. Well there you go , just goes to show how long it is since I have been on a bus. The fabric, colours and weave just didn’t click into place for me , on the tip of the tongue thing.
    Okay clues for your birthday please, lunch of course your choice of venue.


    • OH dear! WordPress had put you in the spam file, Anna! How dare they!
      Yes, it was a funky bus.Nice velour upholstery. Last time we were in NZ we rode buses in Auckland and they were much the same. A far cry from the old London buses of the sixties! (And we shant talk about the NZ buses of the early 50s!)


  2. My starter motor quit this past January, leaving me stranded at the gas station and then $400 poorer. I can’t complain, however, as the minivan (Mitsubishi LRV) has been a steady and dependable ride for 18 years and 202K miles.

    A prize? Well, if you come back to NYC again, how about lunch there?


    • Oh, good idea! If and when I make it Stateside again I think I’ll have quite a few lunchdates. 🙂
      But I think the blogiversary prize might have to be something that wont upset the postal persons.


    • Oh, yes, you can see so much from a bus, but in serious congestion the metro/subway/underground is the go!
      If you like my teasing quizzes come back again. I have a stack of fuzzy photos! 🙂


  3. A bus seat! With yellow poles for pole dancing! haha.

    I could’ve sworn I’d said ’embroidery’ [before you revealed the bus seats]…but maybe I’d thought it. Am I going the way of your big computer? [My big computer too, it’s sitting in my room, sniffling with self-pity] 🙂

    I like public transport when it’s good, clean. I like ‘punctual’ too. We don’t have it here.


  4. Hmm, you’ve given me something to think about…I must watch people more. I wonder if it’s the sun that slows us down? Too much ‘holiday’ feeling? But then, in France, the tradesmen behave the same way. They turn up days later, I’ve heard. Or maybe that’s just Peter Mayle’s version? haha.


  5. Hiya, thanks for reading my crap, I’ve just signed up to follow your blog (gotta stick together eh?). BTW it said something about being no 13 ? I’m not superstitious but……..


  6. I knew I’d spent too long on buses. You must have been in a brand new one, they don’t all look as good as that. But it is graffiti proof, though not bubble gum proof. You can’t have everything with public transport.


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