There! That’s done it! Fuss-pot grammarian has headed a post with text-speak!

Years ago, a certain Mr Burton ( not this one ;   the other one )  referred to the growing tendency of some journalists and other writers to “…slide into ‘telegramese’…”, his term for what he saw as a sloppiness of expression. I agreed with him, but I wish now I could have given him greater argument just to keep listening to that voice!

I’ve bemoaned the loss of  language in general and some words in particular, while  recognising that we must accept some change. Let’s call it “growth” since that’s what it really is. I just wish it was not so rapid. Words on steroids, maybe?

Here’s a nice link

I just noticed that something has broken the web of the spider the cats  mentioned yesterday. I wonder if it will be replaced and, if so, how long that will take. I’d like to sit and watch, but I’m due to meet a friend in  half an hour. We’re going to have an up close and personal look at a travelling exhibition of  the CD Print Exchange, in which we both have work. It will be great to see every print “live” even though we have a CD of the images.




24 thoughts on “HOW UP2DATE R U?

  1. Well, I do from time to time. But the pieces I am/should be working on are for an exhibition in 12 months time (gulp!) so I can’t show those.
    But I expect I’ll have some little teasers.


  2. As a former student of linguistics I recognize (and even grudgingly accept) that our language is ever changing. On the other hand I, in my curmudgeonly bias, find text lingo sloppy, lazy and illiterate. I hope my feeling isn’t confined to me.


    • I think my opening sentence puts me in my (very “square”) pigeon hole.
      Virgin Airlines had (maybe still has?) a huge banner at Brisbane Airport that read, vertically oriented: CUL8R, . I puzzled for the four hours we waited for a ‘plane and finally had to ask its meaning!
      I wonder how we’d truncate curmudgeon? 🙂


  3. Ah, you must read “Furious Love” about the other Richard Burton and Elizabeth. Excellent book (read mine on my new Nook). Most eye-opening about their relationship.

    I saw that spider over on G&S’s blog. Huge son of a gun.


  4. I love to play with words, I enjoy everything we do with language [’twas brillig and the slithy toves…’].

    Some people don’t seem to understand that each form of communication has its own place / groups though.

    How do you write a letter applying for a job in text-speak, by the way? 🙂


  5. I agree, the English language has been butchered. It’s that “lol” crap. The generation out there seems to be developing its own computer-like gobbledegook.


  6. yeah girl, me too. When my kids look up from their cell phones & texts to actually converse in English or in Plutonian or whatever. Communication is becoming entirely a different beast now.


  7. To this day I am thankful I took typing in eighth grade and got so good at it that I can whip out a paragraph of complete English faster than I could possibly truncate it. Although I admit I don’t use any devices smaller than a breadbox. (Which is, come to think of it, an old-timey phrase in itself.)


  8. Well, throw stones at me. Stephen King inspires me because of his made-up words. What tires me is hearing folks use imprecations when a drop of brain juice could squeeze out an appropriate word. Maybe our skulls are emptying?


    • No stones thrown on this blog (possible exceptions for the rabid right). I like “new ” words, too, but let’s keep txt for txting.
      I’ve seen you at Murr’s blog, I think. So you’ll fit in with some of the Idle wackiness. 😉


  9. Communication is lazier than ever now that most of it is done over the web and through texting. The only way it could be lazier is if it was telepathic, which will probably be next.


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