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Well, whatever it’s called, I like it! But feel free to lodge any complaints in the usual place.

Remember that poor, homeless block of paper which has been languishing in a refugee camp    on my appropriated dining table? Very soon, its housing application having been granted last week, the Fabriano Rosapina will have its very own home!

What started life as the door from laundry to back deck has been cut down (exposed for years to the weather, it had developed creeping rot) and The Man is re-fashioning it and some scrap timber to become a paper storage box. Yes, a cabinet of  drawers would have been wonderful, but where the bejeezlehoop would I put such a beast?

I gave it several generous slops of gloss paint last week.

And the resident carpenter has been busy today…

the carport floor

                                                                                                                                                    attaching sides
  drilling nail holes








Castors will be screwed to the base so that the “box” can be rolled away under the spare bed. Anyone care to place a bet on the cats  thinking it’s just their plaything….

A neat little segue to my early foray into the book-making world…long before I began making artist books I made the other kind of book.

New Zealanders do love a little flutter! And in the years just after the war ( WW II, that is) despite the hard times and scant money, people loved the races. Horses, mainly, but greyhounds had a niche, especially among the working class.

I used to spend holidays with relatives in a predominantly coal mining town and several miners had greyhounds. My cousin and I used to hang around with a neighbour who’d let us walk  his two dogs and on race days he’d take us down to the track.

In those days there was no formal (read: legal) betting system. That didn’t stop P. and me from running a modest book! Penny-ante stuff, but we usually made a bob or two.

Winning sixpence or sometimes more was good, but what I really loved was watching those dogs run. Sadly, I have no photos from those days. But I think Google might oblige…  and here’s a link to the adoption group.


Couch potato?

 image  from



Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. I thought it was only our Lil who chose such a fetching pose to sleep. I would have given 100 to 1 against.


  2. I’ve lived with too many daft animals to take those odds! 😉


  3. Love the dog and “fiddling” pays off sometimes.No doubt it will be put to good use storing your paper an one thing leads to another!!!


    • It had better be leading to more prints. And soon!
      The couch potato? Just gorgeous. I’d like to adopt one, but there would need to be “serious consultation” with other members of this nut-house!


  4. Boxes of any kind are cat heaven. Particularly if you would prefer that they didn’t climb aboard and moult their furry little hearts out.
    And we have had cats who slept in the greyhound pose, and the German Shepherd whose ears I teethed on as a small child also liked it. She, however, use to lie against a wall and balance her legs up it rather than folding them to her chest.


  5. I’m sure I’ve not been paying proper attention but when did you give your blog a face lift? The banner photo is great!

    I lived in Phoenix, Arizona, for a bit and we used to go to the dog races. Saw some spectacular wipe-outs. They chased a mechanical rabbit. Odd thing to watch.


    • Haha! It’s not your lack of attention – I just did this yesterday.Pleased you like the silk flowers(up on a high shelf so one doesn’t notice how ratty they are becoming!)
      The mechanical rabbit -oh! the fun of seeing that thing speed past the “gate” and the dogs rocketing after it.Given their very long legs and unusual(though not for hounds) gait, we always expected more crashes. How the heck they can corner at nearly 60kmh amazes me.

      In London, I went to the dogs at Hackney once.But it wasn’t the same. Punters were up in the stands and it was just a blur.Much more fun at ground level! 🙂


  6. Brilliant tale of personal history!


  7. suspect your paper storage box will need a lid!

    i adore greyhounds! would love to adopt a few if i had a hundred acres to let them run!


    • Oh, it has a lid.A lid too heavy for paws to prise open. 🙂

      Retired hounds don’t need or even want to run at top speed. But if they see something they want there aint no holdin’ them! (I think our laws require them to be leashed and muzzled in public.)


  8. My uncle in New Zealand was an SP bookie. we used to go and stay with him in the school holidays but were under strict instructions not to tell anybody what he did for a living in case we were all arrested 😉


  9. Love that shot of the greyhound. We have two rescued ones living across the road. Nice dogs but they look awfully cold in the winter.

    Well done on getting that storage box underway. I have a cabinet door that’s been on its hinges for months and I’ve pretty much given up on getting AP to fix it. I have a local handyman who comes and fixes things for me when AP can’t do it. I call him my other husband. I have a gardener husband, too. 🙂


    • Three husbands! Sounds ideal. Where do I apply…;-)

      Yes, being such fine-coated dogs, they do feel temperature extremes.And the pale coloured ones need sunscreen!(Well, not just greyhounds – I’ve seen bulldogs and white cats with horrible cancers.)


  10. just wondering if I can comment here or if it’s just Blogger


  11. Wot? Dinah was a bookie? I think that’s just perfect (and I’m amazed that no one else has commented on it). You have led one interesting life, Di. Now get working on that memoir before it’s too late!!!!!!!!!!! (Yeah, morbid obsessions lately.)


  12. Google Reader tells me you posted 70 different posts on Sept 11. Is that true? As I haven’t been here or anywhere else for ages, nothing would surprise me.

    Thanks for giving the greyhounds a heads-up. Wonderful household pets and thousands are put down each year for not coming up to scratch as racers.

    I’m off again today to my next adventure so may not see you for another 10 days or so. I can’t imagine how many posts you could write in that time.


    • 70! Good grief! I suppose it’s possible…I was doing some “housekeeping” which involved updates. You haven’t
      missed anything!
      So…remind me…bird watching with P or something else? At any rate, have fun. Take the Canon!


      • Going to 60th birthday celebration in Vic. Taking one of Barry’s leaves as gift. Taking the iPhone and the iPad, having fun playing with their photographic possibilities.

        I looked closely at some of those 70 items and they are all old posts. Somehow they must have got tangled up when you did the housekeeping. I suppose you did that on Sept 11?


      • Probably, although I think it took more than a day, what with having to send roaming dogs home, wateer plants, plus the other kind of housekeeping…I need to get out more often… Barry’s leaves…the beaten copper ones? Very nice gift.


  13. Absolutely innovative. Not fiddling at all. Love the dog pic.


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