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UPDATE: No time to re-write, so pop over to the cats’ blog for the story

What a good thing I don’t sign up for those silly post-a-day blog things! You want regular, try prune juice.

Driving through pot-hole-y road works (yet again!) last week with my box of arty bits securely wedged so ink or oil or tools would not fall out…I discovered this morning that while it didn’t actually spill, the linseed oil was somewhat shaken . So I unscrewed the cap and wiped the threads (a thin layer of linseed can dry like glue) and reminded myself as I pushed my hair out of my eyes that I need a haircut. I’m  “The Girl With the Flaxen Hair!”

It’s been a funny old week. I spent several days planting things in the spaces left after tree removal. Just low-growing fillers as I don’t want to risk bigger shrubs and trees at this time of year. Apart from the punishing heat,  there is always the risk of severe storms and I am a little concerned that we now have some mighty big wind funnels in this yard! Time will tell…

Elsewhere, politics has hogged the headlines. Yes, I have some firm opinions and waspish comments, but I don’t “do” tub-thumping here. Well, not much! But I certainly don’t want a star-spangled banner as a bulls-eye on the national arse! Mr. Obama can come back and have a little chat about parking his nukes in Darwin Harbour AFTER he’s hauled his troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. OK?

I think I’d better go back to Youtube and find something  lighter… like these chaps

In all my zipping about I had no opportunity until yesterday to pull over and grab a quick pic of this:


         Hardly a “mystery picture” although some readers who live in city apartments may be scratching their heads.

Off to the library now. Oh god! the excitement!  🙂


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

21 thoughts on “ANOTHER WHISTLE-STOP

  1. And I don’t remember how I know this, but doesn’t linseed oil spread supremely well when it drips in places other than its intended destination?


  2. Oh, I think that’s a universal thing! Like toast always landing butter side.
    If I kept it in glass with a screw stopper it would likely be fine. But for ease of use I decant my oil into one of those little squeezy bottles-with-a-fine-nozzle. The kind you buy hair dye in! 😉 The other crucial consideration is that it does need to be used more regularly.Note to self: do more printing!


  3. Well, I may be an apartment dwelling Brisbane girl, but I still recognise the sweet smell of fallen mangoes fermenting in the backyards nearby. mmmm…d’you know, Tony Grieg (ex-England cricket captain) insists that all Queenslanders eat their mangoes in the bath, due to their luscious juiciness!!


    • Oh, Amanda you should visit us when Mango Avenue is littered with possum-chewed fruit! We locals walk to the beach with shopping bags in our pockets. Too bruised for fresh eating, the fallen fruit make heavenly de-glazing sauces.
      And do you think my photo is a “Fail!”?


  4. I’ve always thought post-a-day to be a terrible idea. It turns it into a job.

    It’s always interesting to read about the punishing heat while I stand on the threshold of what will undoubtedly be another punishing winter.

    I was equally sad to hear that we are going to export our military to Asia. Aren’t we spread a little thin as it is? Shouldn’t we take care of our home fires first?

    Mangoes are a lot of work to peel.


  5. I could NEVER blog every day! Well, I could probably, but I wouldn’t want to. Be well.


  6. when i first started my blog, i wrote daily – to establish the habit, and learn how to do this thing… now, i’m lucky if i am compelled to write twice a week. i listen to the urges. either i want to do it, or i won’t…

    mangos… falling from the sky… yummy. my sister made me a “mango-tini” — plucked fresh from her tree! gloriousness!


    • Around the traps, I read much the same thing. And I think some of the several-posts-a-week blogs tend to get a little stale.
      That said, this may be off-air for a while as I fiddle about with other stuff. The cats’ blog is a big nothing that eats up time.Like the cats, come to think of it! 🙂


  7. Love those penguins over at your cat blog 🙂


  8. Geiger is a cheeky cat! She should have signed-out!


  9. ok – I’m scratching my head about the photo – what’s going on, is a jelly fish eating that tree?


  10. prunes! is that what’s in the picture? no, dear, not a prune tree.

    it’s obvious, how infrequently i post, that a daily would be agony for me. but, perhaps it would break the block? that, or prunes.



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