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Following on from the penguin story on the cats’ blog, I’ve had another email from my brother about the “Rena.” This link will take you to a story from non-mainstream reporting. It’s pretty much an endorsement for maritime insurance, but the pictures are stunning. And some of the reporting is amusing, like the vigil being held in Dublin, the intended destination of a container of Sauvignon Blanc!   “Jaysus, Paddy! T’at’s a terrible t’ing to happen, t’be sure. Are we goin’ to have to drink dat god-awful communion wine?”

OK, so now I’m being silly.

Here’s the (rather long) article. Read it and maybe , if enough people  understand how these cowboys of the sea operate, more pressure will be brought to bear on dodgy practices. Flags of bloody convenience! Ship [sic] does, indeed, happen.

For the record, in case you haven’t seen a chart, the Astrolabe  is well-known  and well-charted. It’s like a whacking big dumpling! Blind Freddie  wouldn’t have bumped into it!

Off now to play with pens and inks and paints…

Author: dinahmow

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  1. Ship Happens Indeed. This is fascinating stuff, and I particularly lament the death of so many oil-covered animals. I hope this company in Greece was hit hard — in the pocketbook — with meaningful sanctions. I hope it wasn’t just given a slap on the wrist. Liberia. Give me a break. I must admit I did not read every shred, Dinahmow. It is interesting, but of course it is sad, and I am a land-locked North American who knows little of this. No doubt, if this was a well known reef and the danger was known, it was like a driver going through a red light on purpose and caring little for the consequences of his actions. My guess is that the government in charge of these waters let the ship and its captain and crew off with little penalty for their obvios stupidity.


    • The Astrolabe is visible at low tide (it’s quite popular with divers) and is on all charts.
      That captain was arrested and faces $10,000 fine or a year in the slammer. The clean-up must run to a helluva lot more.
      And NZ values its coastal waters very highly.


  2. Grrrr.

    I hope your paint play was both fun and sucessful.


  3. Here’s what makes me so sad; this sort of thing has happened before and it will continue to happen. Fortunately, Mother Earth will have the last laugh. She’ll bury us all and return to her pristine self. All it takes is time.


  4. Distressed oil covered animals make me sob, but I take comfort in What Mr Banish has to say about it.


  5. Who is Blind Freddie???


  6. The photos are amazing. What an incredibly dangerous job


  7. Maybe we should ban people in vessels bigger than a canoe from going to sea


    • I’ve heard quite a few people say similar things. And those enormous super-tankers of today give me the heebie-jeebies. Since a Chinese captain*, taking a (highly illegal) short cut* through the southern end of the G.B. Reef spewed oil for miles, dear old Oz has done what we should have done long ago-increased coastal monitoring and made pilotage compulsory in that area. But I’m afraid there will always be dodgy vessels, crewed by dodgy sailors.


  8. Wondering if the ‘Perishable foodstuffs’ have been preserved by the salt 😉 Wondering if all that wonderful Blenheim sauvignon blanc is now resting peacefully, waiting for treasure hunting divers to find gold. Wondering how on Earth we still let this sort of thing happen… HOW MANY TIMES WAS THAT SHIP CHECKED FOR DEFICIENCIES AND LET GO AGAIN??? Grrrrr!


    • It’s all so wrong, all the way down the line. Freemantle held him til he’d “complied.” Then he was held again at Bluff until he “complied.”

      Sauv Blanc, just off Motiti…hmm. Bit too deep to snorkel, sadly!


  9. Ooh new header! I love it


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