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Up with the flatulent sparrows to bake cookies and baste turkeys? No. Been there, done that, don’t even need a T shirt to prove it.

But for all the traditionalists who want the festive frippery…I give you a summery look …

In this part of the world, nothing says “summer” quite like the poincianas, their canopies ablaze for weeks on end.

What’s that you say? Don’t I have a “proper” Christmas tree? Why, yes, I do.

All down to my Man’s ingenuity. The “tree” is a spent seed branch from a palm. Add some flashing ear rings (yes!) and gold bells-on-chains and a star and you have a tastefully decorated tree.    great cat toy. sigh…

Still not traditional enough, huh? Let’s see… Bing Crosby? Definitely not! A creepy fat guy in red satin jim-jams calling out to ladies of an ancient trade? Don’t think so. Maybe this….?

Or this…?

                                              “I’b dot Rudolf! I’b god a cod!”

Whatever your pleasures, I hope you enjoy yourselves.  I’ll probably celebrate with one of my family traditions, the Tom Lehrer carol. And, on the very remote chance that Wes Baillie may happen upon this post…it’s all your fault, Wes! And I thank you, most sincerely.

post script…as WordPress published this they added a little quote in my sidebar:

“I am a drinker with writing problems.”

A hard-drinkin’ Oirishman, if you want to know. Brendan Behan. Which reminds me…La Cave needs restocking!


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. And all the best to you, Dinah. Have a great one!


  2. Any Christmas with some Tom Lehrer sounds good to me. Digressing a bit from the holiday, but I find that Poisoning Pigeons in the Park frequently gets stuck in my head. Not sure why. It is summery in spirit, though. Although it is definitely not summery here–we’re having the coldest, driest winter anyone can remember since…anyone has been paying attention to these things? And good of you to give G. and S. their own tree to play with! What’s Christmas without something for the cats to mangle? Happy Christmas!


    • “If some day you’re free, why don’t you come with me …lalalala” 😉
      Happy Christmas,Ellen.


      • “…except for the few we take home to experiment…” 🙂 A late friend/colleague of my husband’s used to teach at the same university in California that Tom was at. Our friend used to get invited to some of his parties. He said they were lots of fun, with lots of music playing. I can only imagine.


      • Oh! I am sooo envious! Oh well, I know pretty much all of the lyrics and I can find some of the notes on the piano, but I’m not in Tom’s league! sigh…


  3. Ho ho ho you cheeky thing.


  4. very merry chrissy wishes to you dinah



  5. Have a wonderful one. After I play at Lifeline, we are going to have a blessedly quiet day.


  6. Very best wishes for a wonderful holiday Di!


  7. Give my regards to the Poincianas – that’s a splendid pic of them.


  8. HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!! Have a wonderful time!


  9. Ha! I like the tree/cat toy. Our small balsam fir is wrapped only in a garland of Tibetan prayer flags at the moment. Traditional has never worked well for me. ; ) Happy Holidays!


  10. Happy Holidays and Best for The New Year.


  11. A most jolly christmas to you, also! My favourite tree was a harakeke flower stalk we ´dressed up´. This year our tree is a little understated, being in fact a small paper cone covered in patterned origami papers, atop a flower pot. Somewhat safer for the budgies flying time however. My sister´s family hung their tree from the ceiling this year, to foil the kittens.


  12. Merry Xmas Dinah! We’ve just polished off a particularly good pavlova (even if i do say so myself). what’s your opinion on the pav – a kiwi invention or Australian?


    • Ooh! Now who’s opening a can of worms! A bit like asking who plays better Rugby!
      But I believe the official definition awards the goal to NZ. Hang on! I’ll ask Mr Google…wiki says this
      But some pub in Perth claims the creation, although I’d dispute that from the date alone-1930-something. I’ll check that, too…1935. “Whilst it has been suggested this dessert was created in New Zealand, it has become recognized as a popular Australian dish.”
      Personally, I don’t think it’s worth an argument! But then, I’m not one for sugary
      things. 😉
      Up here, it’s prawns and ham and mince pies today. Thouggh not all on the same plate! 🙂 Happy Christmas, Nurse.


  13. Haha, I received a Tom Lehrer CD from Hubby for Christmas 🙂 Hope you enjoyed yourself and had a happy Christmas!


    • Lucky Hilke! Which one?
      Hope you had fun.From now on your Christmasses will be a little more hectic! 😉


      • The Tom Lehrer Collection with Bonus Videos on a DVD. Hehe, part of a Christmas sellout of course 🙂 made me smile when I saw your link.
        Christmas was more hectic than fun, with me and two of my sisters with little kids, one of us was always running for the baby(phone) and we hardly had time to talk. I hope that will get better when we can send the kids to play, at least they are all similar in age.


      • I think you will have wonderful times with all those kinder running around while you girls sit drink coffee. 😉


  14. I love the tree drawing and I envy your christmas sun. I hope the holidays are fabulous.

    Wishing you much joy for the coming year xxx


  15. I’m certainly late, and I apologize. But all the best of the season!


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