These suckers come around quicker than ever. Or so it seems.

If you’ve been following me for a while you wont be expecting a list of things I promise to do. You know the sort of twaddle…I will lose weight. I will write a really clever, witty blog post every day. I will get behind the Tony Abbott campaign      Almost had you there! 🙂

No, 2012 will slide in like most of the the other recent years. Possibly with fireworks down at the beach (weather permitting), maybe  a wing-ding up the road. But the days when I partied all night are far behind me.

Over the years, I’ve welcomed January 1 in places as diverse as a kindergarten creche with a 10′ high plywood cut-out of this fellow*

and an old folks’ home.

On a yacht like this one *      

In a shearing shed. Beside oceans, rivers, lakes and even hot mud pools. 

But I no longer feel compelled to join the masses. Besides, I have an early start tomorrow and our pony needs shoes 😉

But don’t let me stop you!

I’ll be back next week…

I found these pics on the web because I think Noddy’s Nursery disappeared years ago and the boat I sailed in had a rather nasty argument with a rock. 😦

24 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!

  1. Oh, I think New Year’s Eve is for drunks and kids on the make. Is that redundant? I spent 32 working years asleep at midnight, and now that I’m retired I just don’t care. Although I will share some bubbly with old friends.

    Kinda miss being on the make sometimes, though.


    • Yep! I never did see the point of spending the next day with a colossal hangover!
      Even when I was an all-night raver, I didn’t drink much. But damn! we had some good times!
      May 2012 be kind to you.


    • AH, yes…the being kinder to self. Too many people read this as “selfishness” but it’s actually a very healthy maxim.We must learn(if we don’t already know!) to allow our bodies that hedonistic luxury. The cats? Oh! They’ll trundle on, regardless, bless ’em! Happy New Year to you.


  2. Happy New Year to you…the blasted things come round like targets on a fairground rifle range.
    I didn’t ‘do’ anything for New Year for years until we started coming to Costa Rica for the winters, since when our postman’s family haul us off to their bacchanalia – and it’s great!


  3. Some intriguing New Years you’ve had – isn’t it a relief to realise you don’t have to have the party of your life though – they come along in their own good time.
    Hope your 2012 is full of good things and happy painting!


    • Yes, there have been some “interesting times” in the past! And I’m with you on the “don’t need to force it” angle.
      2012 will be full of many things;for the moment, I’m saying little. But art, in some form, will always be there. (All those birds still to be sketched!)


  4. Wishing you all the best in 2012! I rarely stay up to midnight to see the year in, but probably will this year, as I will be with my boyfriend and we have plans. Let’s hope the weather cooperates… because it isn’t right now. It’s snowing and blowing, with a little freezing rain mixed in. (My windows are coated and I can barely see out!) But it is only 8:50 a.m. here on the 31st, so it has time to settle before we need to go anywhere! Stay cool and have fun!!!! 🙂

    PS – The snow on your blog is a lovely touch.


  5. Happy New Year! i shall dance in the change in calendar – nothing like a hippie house party to burn off a few calories. i’ll have to take a ‘disco nap’ to stay up late.

    oh, and i learned to drink a couple of light beers early, then start filling the empty bottle with water to stay hydrated and avoid the 1 Jan ‘overhang’…. much nicer way to start the year, i think.


  6. What? You gained wisdom reeling in the years? Just kidding. You and your’s have a great 2012. I know I’m late.Sorry. It was ANOTHER technical challenge, that’s all. Be well!


    • Oh, don’t worry about that! Many people are “challenged” by the Date Line. And 24 hour clocks.And Continental time zones.
      I’d say you’ve met far more challenges than those.! Just keep going, Chris and may this year see even better things.


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