I’ve been wandering through too many real estate blurbs! Not that we’re planning to move. No, the title is more to do with a little bloggy housekeeping. Not much, mind! Hey! I’m flat-out trying to keep the home house neat so the blog gets nowt but a header change now and then. (And even that’s set to “auto” because I’m busy elsewhere.  lazy!)

But, if you’ve a mind to know more about my busy-ness you’ll see that I’ve added a new page, artist books. Up there /\, just below the picture. Rather than clog the blog with stuff not everyone wants to read, I’ll post bits and pieces there. And there’s also a link to the group blog if you’d like to read/see more.

But don’t expect to see everything! This project is  about swapping works with other book artists and we’d like to retain an element of surprise. 😉

So…what will I write on the main page? Oh, the usual nonsense. A sort of “wot I done on me ‘olidays” essay.

I might, for instance, have told you that I swam in the ocean at my local beach. No…the beach has been closed since Saturday when the life guards found jelly fish. Big box jellies. Red flags. Disappointed beach babes.

But I’m heading to the pool after lunch!


  1. but i like your ‘wot i done on me ‘olidays’ stuff!

    jellies? blech. got stung by my first Portugese Man O’War a couple years ago, and it was quite unpleasant. the pool is a fine alternative!


    • Thank you, Daisyfae.
      Ouch! A man o’war! I yelled at some little kids once who were about to pick up a stranded one. Poor little tykes probably got a bigger fright from me! (But even dead, they’re dangerous.)
      The jellies, not the kids!


  2. I like those posts, too! But I’m with Daisyfae on the other. The land creatures I hate most are cockroaches and the water creatures are jellyfish. I can get quite freaked out by both. Keep ’em on your side of the Pacific.


  3. Everyone likes your ‘wot I done stuff’. I am also interested in the artists books project – but am quite happy to explore them separate like.

    My mama (who was often a stranger to the truth) told of being stung by a man-o-war. And I am not even fond of bluebottles. Dead and dry ones pop nicely though.


  4. Whereas friends in France are thinking that the naked man in the background of the La Redoute ad selling children’s clothes is probably the next presidential candidate…he seems more popular than the politicians, anyway….so Mr. Abbott may just be surfing a trend.


  5. Looks nice! I am land-locked, about as far away from either the Pacific or the Atlantic as you can be, but I wouldn’t want to run into those jellyfish or their yentacles, which I’ve read of or seen on the idiot box before.


    • Thanks, Kim. But you are also turning out some nice work in you shed/studio. And at least you took your sketchbook to the pub. My “proper” sketchbook never goes anywhere. Note to self: put sketchbook in purse.


    • Yes, lovely when to see (from the safety of a boat, of course!) when there are a lot of them.
      And often confused with Man o War. That possibly accounts for some severe cases, when people try the wrong treatment.
      (We have vinegar boxes on our beaches, but I’ve never seen any vinegar! Cheeky beggars who have barbecues probably nick it!)


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