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20 thoughts on “THE DARK SIDE OF FREEDOM

  1. And just when you think that politicians couldn’t get any more insane here in the States . . .

    Looks like there is some fast and furious backpedaling going on up in DC tonight.


  2. I can see it. Just thought I’d come in from the dark with that.


  3. it’s not going through as written. the people made noise. it’ll be re-written, most likely, and there will still be noise…


    • Pleased to know it’s been scaled down. I still think they need a different approach, but what? Reducing production costs would be a start. The “entertainment” industry has a lot of middle men.


  4. A picture DOES tell a story. Great! Where’s George Orwell when you need him?


    • There is a certain irony in that the great surge of affordable music playing devices, which, initially, led to increased legitimate sales, is now a major factor in piracy.Smaller, cheaper, easier. Even the Indie sector gets ripped-off.
      The Great Capitalist Way?


  5. I said this in another comments section. The corporations have a point. Their shit is being stolen and its got to stop! SOPA isn’t the answer but they deserve to have their livelihoods protected. I, as always, have no answers.


    • Not sure that anyone has answers, yet, UB. But I am emphatically against blacklisting people who have not been proven guilty(or even suspected!) of a crime. That smells too much like Joe McCarthy.
      I could link to a Youtube clip or a blog post and suddenly find my piffling little blog shut down. Besides, black-outs would seriously hurt the millions who rely on internet access in their livelihoods.
      I’ve been on the sharp end of the copyright stick (pre-internet days) and had to walk away because I couldn’t afford to fight. So, yes, do something to protect the honest living.The *something* will take a lot of clever thinking.


  6. Yes yes yes. Thank you for posting this.


  7. Now, let us bow our heads and solemnly swear to no longer ‘think’.


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