This clown crossed the solid line from TWO lanes, then, for his finale, squeezed his low-loader into the turning lane(actually, he was half in the bike lane !), cutting off some poor bugger driving a truck and dog.

Never a policeman when you want one…

Once Mr. Clever had got out of my lane I continued across the river to the pool. Swam 2kms. Zipped across to the shops  and got some essentials (yes, cat food!), posted some letters, popped in to see the travel agent and flash my plastic.

And then I went to school. To play with paint. Lovely Grade 5s, all fresh and eager, positively shining in their clean, new uniforms.

The class have been reading and discussing Emily Rodda’s “Deltora Quest” and their teacher asked if I’d come to school and help with some artwork based on the books.

I have to admit that I’ve had to do very little, as Kylie has already done a fine job of producing outlines (bless the OHP!) on fabric. It was just a matter of guiding the brushes and trying not to splatter too much paint. But hey! these kids are nine-year olds and who am I to poor cold water on their efforts!

Next week, we’re going to tackle the dragon!

It’s always entertaining to work with these youngsters. Sometimes, challenging. And tiring! So this morning’s swim was a  very slow, lazy 1200m. My muscles kept sending signals that they didn’t want to do this. I countered with “it’s good for you”: and “you’ll be glad later.”   I’m not so sure…I took one look at the Hoover when I got home and decided a nap was in order!

22 thoughts on “BACK TO SCHOOL!

    • I used to do 3kms, easily, 3 times a week…then things went awry and I’m delirious if I manage more than 2! I’m learning, painfully, that if I don’t “keep at it” everything goes belly-up!


    • I doubt it. My guess is he’s a non- local Aussie who realised, a bit late, he was in the wrong lane. Something like: “Ah, shit! I should have changed F**oihefAWlanes. No worries – I’ll just slip across in front of this Camry;it’s not goin’ too fast…yeah! She’ll be right. An’ that bloke over there’ll let me in.He’s a f***aju8erin truckie. We’re all mates. No F***ianfng worries!”

      And, yes, I do enjoy time with these kids. It’s a very low socio-economic area so any “positive” is good.:-)


  1. If not French, American who discovered that you all drive on the left side.

    Second modem has gone bad, also (I’m typing this on the sly at work). I’m off to Arizona on Saturday for a week’s vacation, lots and lots of snapshots and hope the new modem will be waiting for me when I come back on the 11th.

    Can’t anyone make something that works right?


  2. …poor bugger driving a truck and dog.”

    hoping the dog was at least keeping up with the truck…

    the swimming has to be therapeutic – even if it’s not the distances you used to swim, it’s good for every part of your body! wish there was a decent pool near me…


    • Yes, wonderful for ache-y joints since load-bearing is not a factor! 🙂
      I am a pretty good walker, but only in the cooler season. Tropical heat + hormones= disaster!

      I think you know what “dogs” are, but I’ll put a link in the post for others who may not use this terminology


  3. Thanks for the link to trucking terminology. Full of fascinating info.

    I seriously admire your swimming feats. Sounds like a loooong distance to me. And your volunteering at the art class. Sounds like a lot of fun.


    • I think it would help if more standard drivers knew this sort of stuff. Might sharpen their awareness of braking distance!
      My sore eye has kept me out of the pool so I’m fidgeting to get back. Once I can get goggles on- splash!


  4. Well I didn’t know you knew Mariann either! She’s coming here in two weeks to learn how to do Photoetching! I’ll write about it on the blog afterwards of course. I’m sorry you can’t fit a trip to France into your hop from London to Malaga :^p! Tell me if you know any other printmakers who wants to add an image…I can’t find the next victim….er contributor;^>


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