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Around the traps, I hear mutterings (and worse!) about Blogger’s new word capcha. But help is at hand for those of you on the Blogspot platform!

My friend, Marie, has posted instructions for turning off the silly thing. Another option would be to jump ship and come to WordPress! 😉

Not much to say  just now. Much, oh! very much! to think about…I’ll have more to say  on my thinkings another day.

But for now, here’s a question: what does this sign mean?

Does it indicate that a man is shovelling shingle? Filling some of the hundreds of potholes, perhaps? Is he an avid composter, collecting the leavings of the local pony club nags? We have Council elections coming up soon;maybe he’s suggesting that some candidates are muck-rakers?

Cogitate and I’ll post the answer tomorrow…





Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

20 thoughts on “HI-TECH HOW-TO

  1. i believe it is a man poking a stick at a gigantic slice of pizza.

    what do i win?


  2. Ah… blog tech. I’m waiting for my web host to restore mine, which I’ve managed to completely take down for the second time in a month by following directions from someone giving me advice on my WordPress theme. WordPress can be dangerous for those of us with little tech ability. I have to confess, I still miss my Blogger blog. It was so easy. WordPress has often brought me tears of frustration. I hope by the time you read this comment, I have a blog again.

    As for the sign…maybe it’s just my current state of mind, but I find myself immediately thinking…excrement.


    • It’s a good guess, but not the right one!

      And WordPress blogs are not too difficult. Maybe it’s the the fact that yours is a hosted website. Try their FAQ forum. Or one of those elves they call Happiness Engineers.


  3. This sign indicates a man probing a heap of straw to see if spontaneous combustion is a possibility. The next sign along the road will be a large hole indicating that it was.

    I’m wrestling with WordPress…it is winning by two falls so far…but I can see the day when Blogger will implode..or I will spontaneously combust when Blogger cuts off the followers thingy or won’t let me see blogs I follow once too often, so I’ll continue wrestling.


    • Oh! I’m getting some wonderful guesses! So far, all wrong ones.

      Poor Fly – you have the worst of the blog-battles as you were stymied on two continents and your connection is subject to the whim of (whispers) The Neighbour…


  4. That there’s an alien, disguised as a man (though the initiated know better), expelling liquid poison from one of its orifices which, on contact with oxygen, immediately crystallizes. It’s forming a pile of this noxious poison crystallized substance, and the sign is alerting passersby so they can stop, pour a martini and discuss the easiest way to dispose of the substance without actually doing any work. (Clearly the bulk of passersby are civic employees.)

    I win.


  5. Brava! The best and silliest thus far. Have you been sniffing Athabasca?*

    *see Andrea’s post


  6. Shit shovellers ahead. Though it should tell you for how many kilometers you can expect them, like the windy road next 20 k’s signs.


  7. He’s making a bonfire for 5 November, remember, remember, gunpowder, treason and plot.


  8. I vote for shovelling shingle. Which is what Kevin Rudd is doing right now too


    • Is he? Or is that just what the tissues would have us believe? How much shingle does it take to fill the hole you’ve dug yourself into?
      That might be a better guessing game than my little one! 😉

      But it’s not the right answer, Nurse!


  9. Do you get Martha Stewart Living there? Shall I mail you a copy so that you can see your charge, Estorbo, in all his glory on the balcony (there are two other people in the picture that you might slightly know).


  10. Hilarious. The sign and the answers I mean. Not the Blogger Capcha. Aaaaggghhh…


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