Every once in a while, someone comes up with an idea that is dazzling in its brilliance, breathtaking in its simplicity. Like the famous Swiss Army knife.*

The Original Swiss Army Knives

Who doesn’t need a clip-on-your-belt compendium of knife, cork-screw,can opener,scissors,nail file  and that jolly- handy- thing- for- taking -stones- out -of -horses’ -hooves? Sheer genius!

And, of course, there are the cheap knock-offs. The trouble with those is that they tend to fall off your belt or key ring and become (potential) tyre perforators.Or get stuck in horses’ hooves!

Like this one. Well, that’s our guess as it was the only  possible thing on the road when we walked back to look. After The Man had put the spare tyre on.

So…that was Tyre #1. On the just-picked-up hire car. Back home a few minutes later, The Man frowned and said:”I think that’s a screw head stuck in the tread.” Not the hire car this time. No, our car. sigh…

So now we have two tyres to go in for repair. And, hey! why stop there? One of the Mustang’s wheels was sitting a bit low…sigh… 

So today began with a trip to the panel beater to (finally!) have my Toyota fixed, then to the tyre shop and I may just have to “park” this in the drafts folder as I have to take The Man back to the hire car pick-up as he’s driving out West this afternoon and the repaired tyres  should be    are ready to collect on the way home.

Now, I’d better organise some lunch…back later, folks…

… much later…the internet connection died and I’ve just had another trip downtown on my temporary wheels. Good practice, I suppose. So far, I’ve been “doing a Jeremy Clarkson” and picking holes in the poor little car!

yes, of course it’s a web picture! You don’t think I know this fellow?

Unfair, really, as it’s quite a cute lil bug. But if I were going shopping for a new car…I wouldn’t buy this!

And now, after all the drama, I’m feeling a little “tyred.”

Good night!

*When I went to their website for the picture I noticed that, these days, they even do fragrances! Good grief! Who’d have thought…The perfect personal perfume for smelly Swiss soldiers?

25 thoughts on “HAT TRICK!

    • Blimey! You’re quick!
      Given the $$ I’d like something with some class and that would mean European (ducks hail of shoes and stones from Yanks and locals!)

      The Germans make very good cars. So do Italians(provided you stay in the top bracket!)
      But given that Australia is so very far from all these places and the town where I live even further…I’d probably stick with Toyota. Couldn’t afford to be off the road for weeks while they import the fittings! 🙂


  1. The tyre problem has hit us too.
    The car has to go for its MOT next month and we have two tyres which are ‘on the limit’.
    Great discussion about which test centre to go to and decision made that when we change cars we’ll go for something which has tyres stocked by the men with the lorry in the test centre forecourt.
    The idea being that you roll up for the test with your bald tyres, hire nice ones from the men with the lorry, pass your test and give the tyres back.
    Easy peasy. Except they don’t stock our tyres and we have to buy them. Well, I suppose we would anyway, but it would be tempting to follow local custom.

    I’d love to have our lovely Audi back…but here they rank as ministerial cars and cost a fortune. Let alone getting parts…


    • I’ve read about the tyre exchange. Perhaps on your blog?
      Years ago there was a dodgy mechanic around the corner from my place who, for a fee, would “fiddle” your papers to get you through. In Australia, once a car is registered and providing you re-register it annually, you don’t have to have it tested. In NZ you must take the car to an approved mechanic every 6 months. And they’re tough- worn brakes or floppy steering? They’ll keep the keys and make you walk home!


      • Same here Di, though maybe NSW is different to Qld. We take our cars for the check each year. Maybe if the car is new that’s not necessary, and mine certainly is a bit of an antique. As I never drive at night I found at this latest check that my headlights didn’t work! So that was an added expense I didn’t expect – but it did pass eventually.


  2. I wondered if you’d make this into a blog post, complete with illustrations! Bravo. As for me, I wish I hadn’t gotten such a small car last time as I’d like to transport my canoe! And maybe some bikes… a horse or two… 🙂


  3. there’s something about reading from a US room about a swiss (-esque) knife working on a japanese car in oz. makes the world seem frighteningly small-ish… and, ironically, that also seems a comfort as well.


  4. I had to look at your link. Don’t they kill musk deer to get the musk for perfume? Or did I just dream that up. Whatever, the Pope’s perfume sounds horrible. Then I read the next piece about Dame Edna – you’d have to be brave to let her have a go at you. Not that you could stop her. Very scary. I’ve been to many of her shows and lived in fear of coughing or doing anything to draw attention to myself and thus become a Dame Edna victim.


  5. i adore Swiss Army Knives, but have grown rather attached to my Leatherman tool. A bit larger, a bit less utilitarian for everyday use, but man, those pliers could pull out a tooth! Glad your back on wheels again… such a pain.


  6. Aphids. Flat tyres. Stinkhorns. (Is this a new nickname for Swiss soldiers? Or Popes? Or perhaps – in a neat pairing – the Papal Guard?) You do suffer. Undeservedly. I think you should treat yourself to a stiff Bunnahabhain. And keep drinking them until you can spell it.


    • Oh, we have pot holes here. We have pot holes with pot holes!WE even have a bitumen company called “Pot Holes R us.”
      And we (some of us, anyway!) have pot. Back in the heady hippy days,pachoulli was very popular, for the belief that it masked the eau d pot! I cannot vouch for that.


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