Beginning with my header image.

This, a typical Fenland view, was taken from the train when I travelled up to Ely the other day. I went to visit a friend I’d not seen since I left England. Have the years been kind? Mostly, yes! She showed me  around the little village she now calls home and I felt, once again, that slicing wind that cuts across the flat land, giving no quarter. Ah! But on a clear, sunny day it’s magical.

The old weigh scale at the Fountain pub in Soham.

Now, I did mention changes, didn’t I? Well, the first change was to the train timetable. (Imagine a broad, rustic accent…)   ” Thiz train will be starping at Cambridge. Pazzengers for Diss, Narridge, Colchester…thoze trains av left! So you should take the negzt train back to Ely and get the Crarss Country train frarm there, for Diss, Narridge, but not Colchester…”

Glad not to be heading for Colchester, I changed  for my London train!

It’s not just rural trains- London’s underground services are chaotic, too. Engineering work, improvements, a  load of codswallop about getting ready for the Olympics…

But the stoic Britisher tilts his chin and soldiers on!

And tomorrow I’m off to Spain! Y viva Espana

You didn’t think I’d let you off that hook?  bwa-hahaha.Y’ never know, maybe someone will rattle his maracas just for me! 🙂 Hasta la vista!

16 thoughts on “MAKING SOME CHANGES

  1. Ooh aah. Or however it is pronounced. Green eyes of jealousy from here. Love your new header and looking forward to whatever joys Spain will produce.


    • I do still like trains. The ones that are actually moving along tracks. It’s the ones that aren’t going anywhere that annoy me.Like the trains tonight. Oh well, I had Magical Mystery Tour on a bus.God knows where I’ve been!And if I’d seen a taxi I would have forked out the cash.


  2. Just as I was reading this the news reported that this has been the soggiest April in England for aeons. Good timing!


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