Though probably with limited success!

I never did find the post I’d written about my Cambridge jaunt and sinceCelia and Lizzie wrote so well about our day out I think I’ll just take the lazy option and use links!*

I’m still zipping around, meeting old and new friends, popping into pubs and cafes (it rained rather a lot and one needed shelter) not doing much in the way of work…

I went to Spain! Stayed with old friends who decided they’d rather spend their retirement in a warmer clime. Still a tad chilly while I was there, but not raining. Here are some Spanish views…

from the roof of the house..towards Maroma Mountain

the lake/reservoir…

Nerja, a coastal town…

Sense of humour in Torre de Mar!

also in Torre de Mar…

Back in London, where the rain was still being a nuisance, I managed to dodge showers, by now becoming pretty good at jumping onto buses and staying reasonably dry. Sometimes.

from one bus, view of another..

London Eye-a Bus Eye view.

Before leaving Australia, I Googled an old friend, with little expectation of a reply to my message. So much for expectations…not only did he respond with an invitation to dinner, he also invited another oldie who is now a near-neighbour! We had a lovely time, laughing at stupid old jokes, recalling former (some deceased) colleagues, marvelling that we’re all still relatively compos Β mentis and physically fit. And still eminently capable of keeping the vintners solvent!

names witheld to protect the innocent?

*Perhaps, once I’m home, I’ll re-cap.

17 thoughts on “IN WHICH I TRY TO CATCH UP…

  1. Hi Diane… it looks like you’re having a great time.
    And be happy that you brought the rain an solved most of the UK drought problem πŸ™‚

    After a couple of days respite to remind everyone what a glorious May day can be like and to make everyone smile, it’s now chucking down again!



    • What would the English talk about if they didn’t have The Weather! I heard that 19 counties have been taken off the list;friend in Cotswolds is muttering that he’ll now have to wash the car! πŸ˜‰
      Yesterday was beautiful for antiques/books/oddments wandering, but the glum clouds are back today.


  2. What? Living your life rather than writing? The nerve! Sounds like an absolutely fabulous adventure! Here’s to great tales from the road when you’re back home!


  3. The dog sculpture reminds me of the Manneken Pis in Brussels. Funny, I had always imagined it as something really big and out there and was amused to see that it was a tiny little fountain sculpture tucked away in a corner.


  4. Well at least you have enjoyed some gorgeous scenery, looks divine and caught up with old friends which is very imprtant .
    As a world traveller I think you would have had an idea re London weather and sounds like you have the ability to adapt anyhow.
    All good on my home front .


  5. I adored the street art. That dog in particular was a joy. Thank you. How are you going to explain your absence to the cats? Jazz n Jewel treat me to very standoff behaviour if I am away for as much as a day.


    • When I got back from NY Geiger ran outside and hid for at least half an hour!But perhaps, if I arrive with treats…
      And the art? It seems people have a penchant for stuffing chewing gum into any orifices! King Alfonso had nose bogeys! 😦


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