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Well, there has been more dashing about the countryside. I spent an interesting few hours on Tuesday with a blogging friend.After a bit of a kerfuffle with tube trains (they have a lot of kerfuffles, it seems!) we met at London Bridge and kinked our necks looking up at The Shard 

There was hail in that black cloud! So we nipped in to London Glassblowing for warmth and shelter!

And saw some beautiful exhibits…

Then to an exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum; an interesting display of (mainly) fabrics by influential women in the post-war period. All you Mad Men fans will know what I’m talking about.

I went down to Wlitshire again last week and spent a couple of days with Ziggi,walking dogs and talking and laughing.

Back to London for some clean socks then off to Buxton ( that’s oop north, in Derbyshire) to join Andrea Joseph and some of her sketching friends.

Well, that was a blast! Initially, I’d hoped to go over Sheffield (in Yorkshire; do try to keep up!) the following day to meet another group of Urban Sketchers, but I just couldn’t manage to get a suitable train back to London. So what a surprise to find Lynne Chapman and her husband had driven over to Buxton!

I did feel a bit “minnow in a pike pond” at first, but they are all such lovely, friendly and encouraging folk I did manage to get one or two sketches done. This was from Buxton Museum (a great place!)

The sketching finished with the usual sharing of the day’s efforts at a great little cafe.The staff had reserved a corner with sofas around a table for us. And I understand the baked cheesecake was superb! I met some truly gifted people, saw some inspiring sketches (all those curly pipes on that French horn!) and finished the day at a restaurant with (another ) Lynne and Andrea.

Thank you, all you Northern Urban Sketchers. May your summer arrive soon!

And tomorrow I’m off to see Ziggi again. But first, there is a somewhat urgent matter of laundry…


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. I am surprised that you have visited – it sounds highly suspicious to me.

    Not that I am being judgmental – I simply fear for your well-being.


    • That’s LONDON GLASSBLOWING, sir! Mind you, just around the corner was a sign outside a pub which read”when red light shows, wait here.” I did wonder, then realised it was, after all, the East End! 😉


  2. Whatever happened to the paper knickers which were supposed to revolutionise our lives…


  3. Your trip sounds wonderful! I’ve just caught up on some of your posts. I just might visit England again one day. When it’s warm. And not raining 🙂


  4. Hello Diane, just been having a “catch-up” on your posts. You’re obviously having a ball!!
    Didn’t know about “London Glass-blowing” – now I do, so I will go there as soon as I can!
    Spain looked nice. Warmer than here too! Glad you had fun… did you ever get to Mijas?
    “Carry on London”, as the saying goes. Hope the laundry doesn’t eat into your enjoyment time.


  5. Oooh and aaah. That sounds like a magical (mystery tour) time you have been having. Like minded souls and wonderful places. I did chuckle at you going into the Glass Blowers haven to escape the cold – I did that in Hobart one work related trip away and wound up buying a painting. Which I adore to this day – upwards of twenty years later.


  6. The grand adventure continues! Had to wonder about the hail against the ‘shard’. apparently the fine engineers and architects accounted for london weather!


  7. Love the sketch at the museum and wow , that Shard is fasinating…
    Glassblowing , now there’s something very relaxing to watch and a great talent.
    It sounds like you are achieving all you wanted to do and visiting those special friends and meeting new ones.


  8. Which is Lynne and which is Andrea? Been away meself so will email when I’m all caught up!


  9. I can’t believe you’ve gone! And all I have to remember you by is lettuce 😦
    Freddie was a bit improved this evening, Kathy picked up some bute for him so he can move more easily, his breathing was slightly better. I’ll be ove first thing and give you an update. John came over to say ta-ra and was most miffed he’d missed you, he send a kiss (!), I didn’t get one!
    x X x


  10. you’re having the time of your life aren’t you?


  11. These posts just make me sit here with a giddy smile. I think back to similar adventures I had long ago, and am so happy for this wonderful time I know you are having.


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