I usually bounce back pretty quickly from a long flight, but the trip home was Hell-with-wings! Unable to sleep on the ‘plane, I have been crashing out for cat-naps several times a day since I came home.

So it may be a day or three before I have much to say. Got some pitchas, though…

I’ve always had a penchant for a Morgan

This one is offered as a “prize” for spending rather a lot of money at the swanky shops at St.Pancras station.

National Theatre, South Bank.

And, just because I can, a Mystery Picture!

You know the drill…tell me, in the comments, what  (or perhaps “who”)  you think this is.

And perhaps, by the next post, I’ll feel sufficiently recovered to tell you about my terrifying experience with a duck…

22 thoughts on “BACK ON HOME TURF

    • I *did* see several Morries. Even saw a convertible, top down, on the drive to the airport! Poor thing had probably been waiting glumly since March for the the sun!


  1. Anthurium is my guess. With insect bored eyes. Pretty cute.
    Oh, how wonderful to have a Morgan! Now, rest up and get yourself together. Welcome home!


    • Can I reply to my reply? There is also a nice little white calla lily (Zantedeschia) in my garden that looks a bit like that, too. And just about everything in my garden has little munch marks.


  2. Oh Di sorry to hear it was a hellish journey back 😦 you were very much appreciated over here tho’!

    I think that’s a lily of some kind, but would have to check with Rog to be sure.


      • I love your banner pic, too. Zebras are so stylish, as long as they are alive and wearing their own skins (or imitation zebras). Nothing stylish about real zebra skin off the zebra. Oh, almost ranting. Sorry.
        I like Banana Republic, mostly wearable clothes, but of course no shop on the Central Coast of NSW.


  3. late to the game, but might have guessed “Lily of the Valley masquerading as Humpty Dumpty”… hope the travel recovery goes quickly! “Re-entry” is the toughest part of any trip!


  4. Welcome home Di! I’m sure G. & S. will have your schedule properly revolving around their mealtimes again in no time. Sleepless long-haul flights…agh!

    Alas, I’m arriving late here too. I would’ve said it looks just like the Calla Lilies growing all around my yard, although none of mine have acquired such stylish eyes.


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