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Sometimes, I wonder why I bother to maintain a blog!

But that’s probably a subject for a day when I have more “spare” time! Seriously, I admire the people who have a full-time job, a family, hobbies AND a regularly-maintained blog.

I’ve been racing about all over the place, doing all manner of stuff this week while the sun shone as only a Queensland sun can shine in winter. Ideal for a little solar printing, yes?

Well, guess what? Today it’s drizzling. Bugger! I only need a couple of minutes exposure time. C’mon! Give a girl a chance!

I’m off to the library today to retrieve my books from the display case. Not sure how much (if any!) interest there has been in the collection. Certainly, while I was there and prepared to do a show-and-tell, people just ambled past, barely glancing at the books.

Driving  to work this morning, a cute little MG pulled into the traffic ahead. “Catch up!” I said to my Jarvey as I fished the Powershot from my bag. Hooray for red lights! (oops! that’s left me open to cheeky banter!) I managed one non-blurry shot just as the light went green.

Have I mentioned my fondness for cars like this! 🙂

A little further down the highway we started passing huge power boats, being driven, strangely, away from the sea. I suppose they’ll be on display at the premises of their various corporate sponsors until launch time.

And since The Man’s office is at the Marina and the car park has been cordoned-off, it’s a bit of a route march to get from wherever we can park to the office.

Photo from website of

I’ve changed my header again! Seems I find time to monkey about up there, but not to actually write stuff! The current pic is of the once magnificent Cassia javanica next door. I’m glad I have this photo as a reminder.

Let’s have another mystery picture, shall we? NO?  Did I hear a nay-sayer? My blog, my rules!

What’s this?

Answers on a postcard      in the comments , please.

Off to the purveyor of comestibles now…




Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. I thoroughly agree with taking quick photos of fabulous cars. Good for you. I do hope you get some sun tomorrow but we were promised a magnificent day and it turned into a freezing cold, wildly windy disappointment. Your cassia is just glorious. We only have the yellow ones here, that are noxious weeds.
    Your mystery pic. I’m positive that I have something in my house that looks like this but I’m damned if I can figure it out. Maybe I’m thinking of a little galvanised handle with a red plastic cap on it. Or maybe not. I’ve walked around the house and studio and nothing leaped out at me. Just as well, really.


  2. Top to the rabbit water bottle?
    I love going topless myself, and I miss my little go-fastly MR2 even if she was a jap. I had an MGBGT in my youth but she kept her top firmly on.


    • I’m getting mixed messages here!Topless bunnies? Fast geishas? Water bottles?

      The first time I went topless I was terrified when I saw the speedo needle quiver beyond the 100 mark. And that was miles, not kilometers!

      Oh! *That* water bottle! No. (waves to bunnies)


  3. Perhaps you’re missing that most important element of blogging: raging megalomania.

    Please do not mention books and drizzle in the same post again. My toes curled.

    The pic is the wheel of the skateboard you ride when you’re being too busy to blog.


  4. Ah! Megalomania? That’s the problem!
    Your toes would be positively arthritic if you lived in the tropics! 😦
    And that’s a brilliant guess! But not the right one. 🙂


  5. I love MGs too!
    Is that strange picture some sort of lid or stopper or tap type thing… is this three guesses???


  6. Driving down my street the other day a classic and immaculately restored TC came up the opposite lane. I fell in love. So I understand.


  7. Oh MGs are lovely cars, i understand your admiration.

    Is it a small wheel of some sort?


  8. Initially I had no idea at all. Now reading the other comments: maybe it is a small brayer as in block printing roller?


  9. have to admit, got a little bit winded reading this! busy, busy, busy… as am i, these days. regularly maintained blog? whazzat?

    the red roller knobby-thingie looks very familiar… with no idea what it is, though. seems to me that it is one of at least a pair, or perhaps a dozen, similar items. not an eraser. i would have guessed the nose-brake of a pair of roller skates, but suspect the size/scale is much, much smaller. i give up. best to get back to catching up on my blog reading!


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