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…in a manner of speaking.

Well, some of your guesses were pretty close to the mark! This is the photo I cropped.

I was a bit surprised someone didn’t make the connection with the Big Boats – it’s a boat trailer! Of course, the monster racers are hauled to and from events on big rigs; these are for towing boats sufficiently lightweight to be hitched to the average Range Rover, Jeep Cherokee sort of vehicle.

But you were all pretty creative! Thanks for indulging me.

Now, my title is not only alluding to the quiz…I am on a roll. Sort-of. But I think I’ve managed to solve a small (but frustrating!) technical problem and shall now knuckle down to book-making.

Prince Monolulu at a Grand National

No, not that kind!    image here

I saw these in a shop window and remembered when I could and did wear such things.sigh…

Seriously tempted, I was.

And since I bought some nail polish in a similar colour, to show support for Ovacome*

My “teal tips”  …maybe I should go back and have another look at those (sigh…) shoes. 

Oh! One more thing…the new header…I snapped this picture from the upper deck of a London bus. I think it was on Regent Street and I also think the men may be the England Olympic swim squad. But I’m just guessing. If anyone knows the answer, please come to the front of the class and write it on the blackboard. **

Here’s the uncropped pic…

* Please see local information in your area. Hospital or doctors’ rooms would be a good place to look.
** I expect some wag like Rog will write “it” on the blackboard. 🙂

Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

27 thoughts on “ON A ROLL…

  1. Okay, would never have got that – boats are not my thing. Madame Seasick, me.

    Love the shoes and the colour of your nail polish. I can see the shoes are tempting but just think back to that last foot injury. Oh, sorry, I’m just a spoiler.

    So, the book making goes ahead. That’s good news. Keep us up to date if you can without giving the game away. Wet here but not too cold. That’s a plus. I suspect you are having rain too. Happy paddling!


  2. It looks very much like the daily trouser queue where poor impoverished bankers line up to replace their trousers which have been torn and split by the pocketing of excessive bonuses.

    The bloke second from the left is a bit of a rebel by Brit standards.


  3. You could have included the entire photo of the boat trailer and I still wouldn’t have known what it was.

    Re: the shoes. To borrow from Mick Jagger: “What a drag it is getting old.” I have an impending birthday and it’s gloomy stuff.


  4. To hell with the Gloomy Guses. Get the shoes! If I wasn’t already a six footer I’d be tempted, too. That said, watching the girls stagger across the stage during Friday’s graduation ceremony in their 6″+ stilettos+platforms was quite entertaining. And then during the reception afterward I went and stood beside the tallest ones just to feel normal… 🙂


  5. Ha! Knew i’d seen that little red roller knobby thing before! Have had many happy hours on the boat docks, and should have nailed it… You gave us enough clues, however… next time!


  6. Love the shoes and no I couldn’t wear them anymore either and Ihad a favourite wnite pair many yeasr ago, oh! they made me feel so s….y.
    Not sure about the nail polish but then I don’t have any at present.
    Yay!! of course they are swimmers, look at those bodies, go on I dare you to look again.
    Having fun?


  7. How is it you go to London and see sights like this while all I see are ladies wearing their black winding sheets before they are dead.
    I must be on the wrong bus.


  8. O.k., I feel excused: I don’t think I have ever seen such a boat trailer thingie. The cue in London? It must have been some global merchandising action, at least I think that it is that. We had a new shop open here, too, and they put young guys in these outfits in front. I forgot how it is called. Abercombie & Crutch – no, that can’t be right, hehe, but something like that.


  9. Oh — the shoes. I don’t think I could wear them either. 😦 Don’t you wonder how Viviienne Westwood does it?

    Well done on solving the technical problem. As you know, I have a low tolerance for frustration so good for you for sticking with it and moving on. Can’t wait to see the book(s)


    • Away back…in the Dark Ages…I had a pair of what were called California Clogs. Googling that today will take you to flip-flop styles. But then (late 50s) they were high heeled platform soled killers that turned you into sex-on-legs!
      Today? I’d probably fall flat on either my face or my backside!


  10. You once wore shoes like that?


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