SPIDER POST ALERT ! ( in case you’re a spider-wimp!)


Not a scary, horrid-hairy, ginormous, swallow you in one gulp sort of spider.

Oh, no. Dinah wouldn’t be so cruel to her  readers.Would she? Read on to find out.If you dare!

We have been doing some long overdue work in part of the garden.


Our new-ish neighbour has cleared the boundary strip and we (that’s The Man, mainly) have cleared our side of the fence. This has allowed in a lot more light and created some open spaces that just cried out for plants. So I’ve been relocating some of the overgrown pots  and cuttings. Shade-lovers, mainly, because although on the north-eastern side, they still have quite dense shade from the palms.



Probably a Christella of some sort. It (and several others), like Topsy, “just growed.”

And this morning, while hosing yesterday’s newbies, I noticed droplets on a damaged web.A neat quarter has been broken away from  an orb web. The spider is still in residence and I managed a photo. Better still, I’m pretty sure I’ve identified it. Yay! It’s not often I can.

I thought it was in the Tetragnathidae so I Googled that and found this interesting (well, interesting to spider buffs, that is!) link  http://tolweb.org/Tetragnathidae/2799. Known by a common name of “long jaws” for good reason, these cute lil guys have a courtship technique not unlike snogging in the back row of the Gaumont Cinema.

This is a macro shot that I did manage to get. Not the best, but neither was the weather! Clicking should make it a little clearer.



Now that I’ve managed to educate you on   scare the tripe out of you, I’m off to the purveyor of plonk. A girl can work up a navvy’s thirst just to plant a few ferns, y’know!



22 thoughts on “SPIDER POST ALERT ! ( in case you’re a spider-wimp!)

  1. Beautiful spider photo Di! The water droplets on the web are lovely.

    When I was about 6, I spent an afternoon tormenting one of those spiders by spraying it with water from an old syringe. I feel bad about it now, but at the time it was great fun.


  2. I have just spent some time catching up on your photos and love the spider on the damaged web, he doesn’t look too concerned about it and no doubt repaired it.
    The gardens is looking lovely and healthy.


  3. i am an aracnaphobe, but find the orb weavers to be more tolerable than most – they generally prefer large, OUTDOOR, and open spaces, and are pretty artistic with those webs… great photo. (and thanks for the warning… i felt brave enough to wander in this morning)


  4. I’m not particularly afraid of spiders. I found one in my bathroom and I helped it outside because I don’t like killing them. And I’m glad your out working in your garden because I know how much you love it.


    • We don’t kill spiders either. Though we don’t have many indoors here.The former home was a very different story.There, we had HUGE hunstman spiders. The Man developed a catch-and-release technique. My excuse was that he was taller and could reach the brutes!


  5. I love spiders I don’t do a face-plant in or roll over on in bed. Beautiful, and such soulful eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes. Meanwhile, “snogging in the back row of the Gaumont Cinema” is a bit of a lyric that will sweeten my dreams tonight. As is “a girl can work up a navvy’s thirst just to plant a few ferns.”


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