Not good! But if “idling” means the motor is running, that’s better than nothing, right? And I can’t do much until my paper dries.

So…I’m messing about in here. Yes, that is the right verb. A lightbulb blew. Blew right out of the socket. Made a bit of a mess. And I made this…

This is Buggi.

We continue to work on the strip of garden with our like-minded neighbour. I have two Malaysian stool palms in pots and I moved them to the shady area by the fence. Personally, I feel very sorry for the Malaysian!

When I googled to confirm the name (a year ago it was reclassified from Livistona rotundifolia to the Saribus genus.) I found it is called the foot stool plant. Oh.

The nights are still comfortably cool, but the daytime mercury is climbing. The shell gingers are flowering and the torches will not be far behind them. I brought a stem indoors…


…and added some Petrea. Which promptly twisted sideways.

I also brought in a snapped hippeastrum stem . I think two black cats may know something about that! They are five years old today. Seems like yesterday….

I’d like to have flowers indoors more often, but they wilt so quickly in the heat and when the ceiling fans are on things in tall vases are prone to tipping over!

But, since I do have “flowers in the house” today, I thought I’d join Jane’s floral dance.

Now, back to work,woman!




18 thoughts on “IDLING. NOT WORKING.

  1. We often have flowers indoors. The cats (Jazz in particular) like to investigate. Vases full of water are pulled over as, after sniffing at them, his tail twines round them as he wanders off. And I bought an orchid for a friend and made the mistake of having it in the kitchen. Someone discovered that if you batted the blooms hard they would fall to the floor. Where you could send them skittering under pieces of furniture. He taught this to Jewel – and I had to buy another orchid for my friend as the first had no blooms left. It really hasn’t recovered and has not flowered this year.


  2. I’ve given u bringing flowers indoors…if it’s not a dog trying to drink from tall vases on the floor it’s a squirrel trying to do same to vases on the balcony table. Tired of shards and water everywhere…


    • Yes, I’ve been that route too. At the previous house I had to lift things from lower levels if we had visitors with Small People. And the peacocks- argh! You’ve no idea how much damage a 5′ tail can do!


  3. Peacocks? You have peacocks? Man, I live in a boring place. Only peacocks are 45 minutes south in the North Carolina zoo.

    Brought home a sweet pepperbush, Japanese beautyberry and dwarf oakleaf hydrangea last Saturday which are still in pots in the small garden while I figure out where best to plant them. Frost came last night (at least not a freeze) three weeks early. And the forecasters are predicting a colder than normal winter here. I’m not sure how much weirder the weather could get – the fourth hottest summer on record and now a record-breaking cold winter? I’m back to reading Shute’s “On the Beach” but substituting climate change for the Bomb.


    • And people like Corinne love people like you! 😉
      At the former house (where we had the peacocks) interesting tree stumps became sculpture. I even poked a couple of sticks into a hay bale and put old pants and gumboots on the ends.Yeah…easily amused!


    • Those barbs have left me with an arm that makes me look like a failed suicide! Band aids just look tacky so I thought a bright silk shawl, folded as a sling would allow me to play for the sympathy vote. 😉


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