Rather like my life, really. Well, certainly like my front room! I did start to clear away the detritus of framing, wrapping and stacking work for the little exhibition. Then realised that quite a lot of the bits and pieces might as well stay where they were since I’ll be using most of them when I start assembling the books (three sets of -eek!).

I took some time out on Sunday to head to the Marina. Why? Well, The Man had his Mustang down there as part of a small fund-raiser.* Not exactly a classic car show, but there was a fair bit of interest in the shiny toys…

My first thought when I saw this? “I hope the hand brake holds!”

A ’65 fastback.Considerably beefed-up. Quite a “bird-puller.” 


And this, for all the little kids! (And some big ones.)

And it wouldn’t be the seaside with ice cream, would it?


Somehow, not as romantic as Antonio’s ice cream cart…

I wandered over to that net-wide emporium of vulgarity (Youtube) and this was about the best on offer. That’s a bloke singing! I noted that, beneath the clip, it read: best suited to old folks’ homes.

And for readers too young to recall…here’s a quick sketch of the old-fashioned kind of ice cream cart.


There is something in this that “speaks” to me. I love work like Brian Dettmer’s fabulous carved books and Cecelia Levey’s delicate paper sculptures. But this, on so many levels, is very “me.” Perhaps because I recognise some of these old Victorian streets, perhaps because it’s quirky. But mainly, I think, because the books remain readable books. …Hooray for Daniel Speight!

I think it’s time I teased you again…what is this?


As usual, post your guess in comments.


* One of the Marina shop owners was taking donations to assist a breast cancer patient.

15 thoughts on “BITS AND PIECES

  1. Looks like the end of a pack of washing line to me….

    And for some reason I was singing Oh oh Antonio this morning over the washing up…as an encore to the bullfighter song….
    I’ll raise a bunion on his Spanish onion
    If I catch him bending tonight.
    Now who did I pick these up from…..father?


  2. Something red and shiny and thin and long and wound up and outside. Your last attempt in the one handed international spaghetti knitting bookart competition?


    • Well, when I post the answer you’ll kick yourself! And the little 4 and 5 year olds were all over that yellow wagon. One told me, with great regret and big sad cow-eyes, that he couldn’t reach to “jive it.”


  3. It looks a little like some of our grevillea plants. I am almost certain it is a growing thing anyway.

    Car shows of any ilk generally make my eyes glaze over, but I obviously haven’t been dragged to the right ones. Worrying about the hand brake would have had me glued to the spot.


    • Ah, but I am still to duel with the dust.
      I’m familiar with licorice string, but red? Nope, that’s a new one for me.
      ED: I just looked it up! How did I live this long and not know about edible red string!


  4. Oh, sorry Dinah… I haven’t quite got to the mystery object yet as I am still picking myself off the floor from laughing at Antonio… actually I’m not the only one in the house laughing!
    Are you sure this wasn’t from Monty Python?


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