I’m not the busiest woman at this frenetic time, so I shan’t bang on about how I’ve been so busy I haven’t sent  any cards yet…

I am going to be busy. Very busy. On Saturday night the long-awaited rain arrived. From, apparently, one of those monsoon buckets they use in bushfires. About midnight, a Niagara roar woke me and by the time I’d stumbled around closing windows and doors…the rain had stopped.

But it started again at 3am, a nice steady drizzle, soaking into the soil. Mmmm…a lullaby to those of us who need it.

And it hasn’t stopped since! So we might be able to get some of the heavier work done in the garden while The Man is at home.After the Christmas break he’ll be off to the mines again.

So I’ll leave you with a small amusement…the very cheerful young lad on the check-out  at the supermarket said to the woman ahead of me:


The lady was wearing traditional Muslim garb!

The cats have posted their own decoration (which they cribbed!) and here is my greeting to all of you, wherever you are and however you celebrate.I wish all of you good health,happiness and good times in the year ahead.






26 thoughts on “SEASON’S GREETINGS!

  1. Goodness, I didn’t mean to hit send… I hope the rain continues for you all, we need some too, so if you can spare some, it will be appreciated. Best wishes to you, The Man, and The Cats. Merry and Happy be!


  2. Rain for Christmas, how novel…
    Some of us have been paddling for weeks don’t you know!
    Girls are here and all’s well in this small corner, besides the rain, must be nearly Christmas Day for you. Have a good one Di!


    • Just had our (by now traditional) Xmas Eve dinner – prawns for The Man and ham for me. About to sit with another glass of fizz and toast lots of faraway friends.
      Cheers, Zig!(waves to Kirsty and Jess and Lucie)


  3. I do hope your Christmas was festive, with as many toasts of the fizz as you could enjoy. I can well picture the scene at the checkout. Hilarious! (Then again, I was once again thinking today with embarrassment of having offered a Mormon friend who came to visit, “Coffee? Tea?” Which is almost as bad as offering a Christmas ham to a muslim. It was just so automatic, I hadn’t even realized what I’d said until after she’d left! But my marbles rolled away a while ago.) But asking about shopping for Christmas to someone in a hijab…?

    At any rate, I hope yours was happy.


    • Pretty good so far, thank you. After the rain I spent a couple of hours weeding, went next door for (a very long and lazy) lunch and today we’ve both been working in the garden. Well, I retired first as the heat was too much. But the Man was a trouper! Dug out old stumps and weeds and thinned the gingers…whew!
      This afternoon? Watching the Sydney-Hobart race on tv.
      I’m such a traditionalist!


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